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Hello, our dear readers. We are ready to tell you about all significant events which have taken place in the world of HYIP this week.

So it seems like Chinese is really becoming one of the most popular languages in business world. Two reputable programs have added it this week. FenixTrust (fenixtrust.com) has made their website available for all Chinese-speaking visitors: FenixTrust Adds Chinese and OilStructure (oilstructure.com) has published a presentation of their program in Chinese: OilStructure Language Expansion

Other programs try to attract more investors by offering new investment opportunities. For example, TopEarnMoney (topearnmoney.com) has added a new plan which is quite reasonable: TopEarnMoney New Plan however we can't say the same words about Bookmaker-office as its new plan offers too much comparing to other plans: Bookmakeroffice Raises Rates

FinanceAdvisor (financeadvisor.com) has also introduced new plans this week and has informed that investing via bank wire is now available: New Plans of FinanceAdvisor and Investing via Bank Wire

OrbisTrends (orbistrends.com) has added SolidtrustPay to the list of payment processors and became a program which accepts probably all most popular payment processors: OrbisTrends adds SolidTrustPay

Two more HYIPs have been compared this week and they are Yamafinance (yamafinance.com) and Stoura (stoura.com). You can find out who the winner is here: BETTER INVESTMENT PROJECT YAMAFINANCE OR STOURA

This week we've had quite a difficult time trying to figure out the situation with such projects as HOX (hox.biz) and Osvinc (osvinc.com). At first, they both had problems with their websites: HOX and OSVINC are Ready to Close then they both were fixed and started paying but HOX stooped paying out shortly after: HOX Did Not Survive and now they are both paying again. So it is really strange and we want to recommend our readers being careful with HOX cause the situation with it changes all the time. However the situation with Osvinc seems to be stable and we decided to wait till Monday to see what happens and to be able to give some recommendations.

We have also had an interesting time trying to help one of our readers who could not withdraw his money from two HYIPs such as Ultra-income.com and Incometime.net and asked us for help: Wrong Scam Report on Ultraincome and Incometime so we tried to find out about those projects, but we couldn't because they did not exist and we asked our reader to check if everything was right. So he figured he mixed up the domain names and therefore we found out about two other HYIPs with the similar names (Ultra-income.net and Incometime.biz) and warned all our readers not to invest in them: Ultraincome and Incometime Scam

Another mail was from our reader who had problems with Biffalo Investment (biffalo.net) and could not withdraw his money. Here is the news: Biffalo Invest Has Run Down and now you can see Biffalo in Don't Invest Here on the left of our front page.

Another news this week was regarding WorldPrivateFunds: Suspicious Actions of WorldPrivateFund however we received some more details from the admin of this HYIP. We found out that everything is okay with its domain and it has been renewed today. It was not specified in a previous update that domain was already valid for two years therefore the renewal was not urgent. Now everything is clear, so we thank the Admin for explanation.

Another admins' chat meeting took place last Monday at Flaxn.com. Of course our representative (Chief Executive Officer of HYIPNews.com) was there. You can read his report on this meeting here: Second Meeting at Flaxtalk

Orbis Trends - Smarter Profits
0.5% - 3.47% daily with trading

We are happy to report on our successes achieved in our new Video Review service. It is becoming more and more popular and we receive lots of mails from our readers saying that they are very happy, because they don't need to search for different reviews and read lots of information on HYIPs websites to find out which buttons to click and what to know in order to make an investment. Now they can simply watch a video review and figure everything out spending up to 10 minutes! We are happy that we provide such service and that it is really useful for all investors. So this week we have made another Video Review. This time it is about EthanolB:
We had been worried for a long time that the front page of our site looked like a blog. In fact, we are not a blog. We update several times a day and each posting is a professional news. So it was very important to us that our readers don't see the last posting but see all recently posted news. But there are plenty of news and they made our site incredibly long even in a shorten form. Therefore, we have added line view, and now our site has become shorter and the number of displayed information has increased.

If you use the calendar and click on the day of the week you are interested in, you'll see all the news of the day in a short (but not line) view mode.

In addition, now, if you go to a page of some posting, you can see a type of this news in a drop-down menu. Previously nothing changed when you entered the news.

And this is just the beginning...

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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We do everything for your success.
HYIPNews.com Team

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