Updated: 08/24/2009 21:36
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Investimates closed today. Roger the admin of Investimates, sent mail yesterday about funds being low on Alertpay and Solidtrustpay processors to complete all the necessary payments. This was because of the lack of the funds from fresh investments via Alertpay and Solidtrustpay. Later on after discussion with his members the admin decided to close the program and to refund most of the money to all the new deposits and to those who have not been in profit. However there are few who did loose some huge money as per the posts on different forums. Roger however was upfront about the issues and brought things in open to discuss it with his members. He could have just let the program run and then could have just vanished in thin air like the rest of the admins after collecting the money, but he chose not to do that and rather close the program to avoid further losses to the investors, and I personally do appreciate t such a are quality in an admin.

"Dear Mates,

It is with sadness that I send this message to you but to prevent further damage and losses to members, I have decided to close the website.

Refunds / Withdrawals have been sent. Those that I was able to do.

Alertpay withdrawals that I was able to process were processed and funds have been drained now.

Solidtrustpay funds have also been drained by paying out the withdrawals pending and the latest deposits made that I was capable of doing so.

Strictpay funds were also drained with the refunds on the new deposits made and withdrawals that were pending that I was able to payout.

PerfectMoney withdrawals were paid and the newest deposits were paid until all funds were drained.

LibertyReserve refunds were issued for the newest deposits, that I was able to refund and the withdrawals that I was able to payout.

The total funds that were refunded / paidout until all funds were drained were approximately $73,000+ . A bigger portion of this amount were in LibertyReserve. I hope you see my intentions are for the good here.

As I mentioned before, each new days should be better than the previous day. but it wasnt the case. Funds were just enough or lower than the previous days. And the past week was not very good. The withdrawal ratio raised rapidly. Could be caused by STP downtime, AP, LR, PM, SP lacking of new incoming. Withdrawals were big and major deposits expired yesterday and today.

Whatever your reaction here is, you knew the risks and I just minimized the damage by deciding like this. I hope you understand. I am sure many will not understand and demand refunds or payments but as I said before, I am not investing the money and no new money were produced or created with the deposits made.

Anyway, that is all. Hate it or love it, I am here to stay and will always be.


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