Updated: 01/21/2010 06:28
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this is the same guys, they turn your $10 into millions overnight- but when you withdraw you never get anything... all ratings on sites that are good ratings are given by themselves! bestmyfunds simply just closed down with 300$ of mine... the other simply dont respond... and if you rate them on the links they give on their sites you dont even know if that link belongs to them too... thanx

Unfortunately there is nothing to add here. It is clearly evident that all these programs are conspirators and work together. Therefore each of them constitutes a threat and is undesirable to invest in. We do NOT recommend you to invest in these programs as well as those which are organized on the same principle and look similar, that is promoting one another and creating fraud networks. As a rule the programs of such network are shut down practically simultaneously. They have one script, offer similar plans and develop according to the same schedule. Their support services work rarely thus it is better to start checking such programs with applying to support service or writing a letter to HYIPNEws.com

, HYIPNews.com

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