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The latest update from tells us about some major and minor innovations in program terms and funcitons: Last week we had the second board...

The latest update from tells us about some major and minor innovations in program terms and funcitons:

Last week we had the second board meeting quite a few subjects the most important for us is i motioned again lowering the minimum investment for the normal plans, that is excluding Surf Xcelsus plan, and guess what i finally got it. How we manage it was to draw an average, taking all suggestions from members like some said minimum should be $1 others $5, $10 $20 etc. adding all those and the minimum that was $50 we get $86 we divided by 5 round it up and buala the new minimum to take everyone in to consideration is $25. So from March first the minimum investment for Micro Test Plan is $25, i hope this makes more appealing for you to invest.

Another update is we migrated servers also attending to a majority of the members concern about security we have now SSL connection, we are installing it in the information sensitive pages but meanwhile if you like to choose secure connection just type https instead of http so for the secured connection that would be
One more we installed a live chat feature in the site now you can contact us directly from there, use it if you have questions or any issue that needs fast action. Or just drop by to say hi. We always appreciate your contact.

We have started the second round of payments this week, i have been having some questions about this i address it in another newsletter back time but here it goes again, results that the script do not fit our kind of plans and times except for the Surf Xcelsus plan so what we do is download the info and all calculations are done off line that is why no earnings appear in your members area but do not worry payments come out automatic so you do not need to request the withdraw, the script serves us to know who invested when and how much, so ill ask you a favor just keep track of your payment number like 1/10, 2/10 etc. you should expect Attention on this one your payments every 20 business days that is Monday to Friday again except for the Surf Xcelsus plan, so from the next day you invested count 20 business days that should give you the payment day and from the next day you received your payment count again 20 business days and that should give you the next payment date more or less, if you still have any doubts or concerns about this please contact us. We will also appreciate if you like to support us at the forums and monitors posting when you got paid, thank you.

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