Updated: 03/20/2010 18:05
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It's been 5 days since GeniusFunds has disappeared from monitor screens and nothing is changed. The site is still unavailable, as well as the clients' accounts. The best HYIP status has became as red as the colour of failure. And this status says NOT PAYING. Less and less monitorings leave the program status as ON HOLD, more and more of them regard the program as "closed". Meanwhile LiveSupport continues functioning. And supporting its clients. We publish some parts of a discussion between a client of GeniusFunds and Support Service of GeniusFunds. We shall not disclose the name of that client who is our good reader and we thank him for this message. So here is the latest portion of news and promises from the ace of aces,

Due to the massive volume of chat traffic being experienced today, it has made it difficult for us attend to everyone individual! ly. However, we have tried to answer all your queries and concerns below:

1) Our website is down due to extensive maintenance work that is being conducted to enhance the security level of our website. Since we deal with sensitive content, it is pivotal for us to maintain a secure website to safeguard the investments.

2) The maintenance work has been delayed due to the unexpected circumstances that our technical team is dealing with. We are trying our best to overcome them asap and restore a fully operational service.

3) Please do not get concerned with the rumours and reports you read online about us shutting down or being a scam. They are completely false and baseless.

4) We do realize that there are several pending withdrawal requests. The first thing we will do once the website is stabilised is to furnish all the withdrawal requests.

5) We can not issue a confirmed timeframe but rest assured, our techn! ical team is working round the clock to get the website up and! running for you. We will be back online soon.

We understand your concerns and would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation during these testing times.

With best regards, Genius Funds Support Team.

Why you sophia helping geniusfund? they wont to run

Customer Assistance: Be rest assured, Genius Funds is not going to close down.

but i cant access anymore

Customer Assistance: There are some major technical problems on the Genius Website, the technical team is trying their best to overcome this problem.

Customer Assistance: Please do not worry, you will not loose your money.

give an update about situation then...just dont be quite like this

Customer Assistance:Once we will get any feedback from them, we will post it on the Genius Website.

Customer Assistance: We understand your concerns, please co-operate with us during these times.

when is exactly then the web will be online
i try to trust you as you said " will be on the track by the end of this week"
last week you said like these many week i should wait?

Customer Assistance: We are not a HYIP program which will disappear after some time.

We are an investment company online and in business since 2006.

Customer Assistance: We are here to stay for years and provide r! eturns to our investors.

alright....and enough i wait until monday, i trust in you


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