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An important event of this week was clarification of some circumstances related to HYIP.com MNO case

An important event of this week was clarification of some circumstances related to HYIP.com/MNO case. The thing is HYIP.com has recently launched a campaign against OilStructure quite a successful and interesting project of the summer. In the course of the campaign investors received a warning (Do Not Invest Warning), and notification of a NOT PAYING status. Though OilStructure not only pays so far but also is in good progress. On this account a considerable discussion has broke out on TalkGold blog and we decided to publish some related info on our site.
Having studied HYIP.com forum along with discussion on TG we wrote an article which can be read here: SOMETHING WRONG ABOUT MNO AND HYIPCOM SITUATION

Yet as a result the article appeared to be rather prejudicial and we couldnt even realize how much. Unfortunately we were able to know the opinion of only one disputer, Alex from HYIP.com. And then Paul agreed to talk to us and we got another point of view which can be read here: ALL TRUTH ABOUT HYIP/COM FROM MNO

Anyway now Alexs response is the only thing missing. Maybe its time to bury the hatchet?

By the way, last week we made another video review of an investment program. The lucky HYIP is FenixTrust, showing great performance at the moment. You can watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx2BqxZvk-4

It says not only about the work of FenixTrust and their offers but also shows how investor area is working inside and main functionality of investors platform. We have shown members area in our video reviews for the first time as we thought it would be a right move. Now you dont need to register with a program in order to look inside. Just watch our review ;) They are certainly not perfect yet, but we try to develop. Therefore your opinion is of great importance to us.

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I would also like to draw your attention to some articles we have published in the course of our educational program. The first one appeared on the 15th of July and was mentioned in our previous newsletter. This article is dedicated to making money online with the help of referrals (or what is called downline). Here is the article:

The second article published last week tells about Bernard Madoff, the great financier and the most well-known swindler of our times. It tells how his sand castle or rather money pyramid (Charles Ponzi pyramid) was destroyed:

The other articles published on HYIPNews.com last week were dedicated to tips and rules of successful investing. The corresponding news can be read here:


Several Main Rules on Investing into HYIPS

Eight Rules of Successful Online Investing

Last week we started publishing new for us yet very interesting and informative issues of battles of investment projects where we not only review various HYIPs in short but also compare them to each other so it would be easier for you to decide which one suits you the best. So this week we compared wishmoney.biz and ipcfund.com. Each of them has professional staff that can make a good profit on your invested money. Both of sites were created with a simple and cheap engine and neither of them managed to add nothing but IP sensitivity detection for users` data security. To know the differences between these two HYIPs as well as the name of the winner please read the following news:
Battle of HYIP Investment Projects WishMoney VS Ipc Fund

Another portion of information related to battles of investment projects namely the problem of a bad choice of candidates for the battle you may find following the link:

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Luckily for all online investors and HYIP field on the whole any week cant do without new programs which continue to be launched despite the crisis. And the past week was especially lavish with newly launched programs namely FinalEarn (finalearn.com), SeatRonacs (seatronacs.com), A.M.F. Limited (amf1989.com) and AckeWorld Management (ackeworld.com). Some of the programs have already sent out its first newsletter which can be found here:

All the named programs have been added to our HYIP listing so you can take a closer look at them and follow their work visiting HYIPNews.com Monitoring list here:

And a bit of bad news about programs which have been closed or turned scam last week. This is the reality of HYIP industry and you cant get away from it. Anyway the program reported to be scam is Traders Group International (tradersgroupinternational.com). Apparently the program is making selective payments and has been already blacklisted on various blogs (Traders Group International SCAM). A program which has been closed last week is LRX Funds. The good thing is the closing of the project was announced by its admin who promised to continue payments to existing members till the expiry date (LRXFunds CLOSED). We have also posted a warning against investing in EscoFund (escofund.com). According to information currently available concerning EscoFund (escofund.com) the project will collapse soon therefore it is dangerous to invest in it (EARLY WARNING OF ESCOFUND).

And the last program that has recently stopped paying to its investors is Royal Place Investment. The program has been already moved to Problem status on most monitors so investments in it are no longer advisable (RoyalPlaceInvestment NOT PAYING)

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