Updated: 09/07/2010 10:05
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Our today news is from InWolton InWolton has decided to please investors by introducing another new plan.

Our today's news is from InWolton (, a HYIP which we have analyzed in our recent short review:

So, the admin of InWolton has decided to please investors by introducing another new plan. It is probably done in conjunction with the beginning of fall. The admin has explained the reason why the new plan was added and some details about it. So, the trades which InWolton deals with had been showing positive and steady results and that is why the decision to open a new fund was made. The interest of your income won't depend on the income of the company anymore because of the Reserve Fund which they have been forming from the beginning of project's operating.

Well, as far as I understand, the interest should be slightly higher than the previous ones, since interest is fixed now and it is about 1% per day.

Another news from InWolton. The administration of the project has announced the start of their global advertising campaign. Now, every member of, who has more than 1000 posts on the most famous investment forums or is the owner of a website with Alexa rank less than 100,000 can send an offer to program's e-mail address. You will get a positive or negative answer in 48 hours.

So, these two news are interesting for both investors and partners of InWolton. Leave your comments on this project on our forum, please. Your thoughts are very important to us.

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