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It seems like now is an active working period in the industry and many promising projects operate in HYIP world bringing profits to investors

It seems like now is an active working period in the industry and many promising projects operate in HYIP world bringing profits to their investors. Our todays review is about a project which operates on the international FOREX market, breaking new ground in online investments field. The company represents a widely spread HYIP legend. A staff of Forex Company Online states that they have been gaining profit on international FOREX market since March 2007. We hope their idea to join the online HYIP industry will find its place. Recently we have included the program to our HYIP-List, where you can also see its status and all necessary information about it.

When you enter the website, the first thing you will notice is a video, which you can watch on the main page. It is an informative video with a man (maybe from the staff) in the lead role telling about FOREX activities of the company. You can also find trading reports and an introductory text telling you about FOREX Company Online. The administration of the company is also planning to introduce FOREX market lessons for those investors who want know more about the world of finances and investments apart from the HYIP world. The site itself is designed in a simple manner providing only necessary and important information for investors. The advantage, in this case is a fast loading time.

At the bottom of the site you can find logotypes showing that the website is SSL encrypted and DDoS protected. You can also see accepted e-currencies and a hosting service. By the way, the site is multilingual, you may even choose to watch the already mentioned video in Russian and to read a text information in Chinese, German, Russian or English. There are many certificates in 'About Us' section which prove the legal status of the company and inform you the owner's name, legal address etc. Now let's get to some basic information.

Investment plans. The investment plans can be looked at on the main page but you should register in order to get more information on them (you will automatically jump to registration form by clicking on one of investment plans). But I would recommend reading the Agreement page before registering so that you will know about all details. has prepared four investment plans which differ from each other in terms, interest rates and minimum and maximum amounts to invest, giving everyone a chance to select the most suitable one. All of them have a re-investment opportunity and 7 days interest charges.

So, the minimum deposit in the first plan is just $1 and its investment period is just 12 days with 1,15% daily! I suppose it is quite a good offer for a trial plan, isn't it? The maximum allowed sum to invest in the first plan is $100.

The second among offered plans offers a higher profit rate of 1,74% per day. It is designed for 26 days and requires the minimum of $101 and a maximum of $1,000.

The third and the forth plans are long-term ones with the highest interest rates. The third plan lasts for 52 days bringing 1,96% daily + your principal... just imagine an amount of income you will withdraw at the end of the investment period. For example if you invest $1,001 (which is also the minimum investment amount), you will get $19,6 per day (1001*1,96=19,6$) and accordingly $2,020 after 52 days = almost 202% including principal or in other words, you simply double your money.

The forth and the last plan is even more profitable than the others, promising 2,47% forever!Yes, the term is unlimited in this plan. The minimum deposit is $2,001 and the maximum is 50,000$. accepts many e-currencies such as standard LibertyReserve and Perfect Money as well as additional options like AlertPay,LiqPAY and WebMoney. There is an SSL encryption by Thawte and DDoS protection provided by, which will have also be providing hosting till 2015 for Forex Company Online. If some questions occur, you may ask them via live support, Phone Support (which is free for USA and Canada) or mail them by filling in the feedback form on Support Centerpage.

I suppose it is clear that Forex Company Online is a nice program with many estimable features like a huge choice of payment processors, good protection and efficient support service. Let's wish them luck and future successes!

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