Updated: 10/22/2010 13:22
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A new program has been officially launched. Actually it has been online since October 4, that's when its Pre-Grand Opening stage as a new investment fund was debuted to the world. We have informed you about it here: RussianOilFund PreGrand Opening therefore you probably know which program we are talking about. It is called RussianOilFund (

Then, 24 hours before its launch, the website was unavailable in many regions: ROF is Offline Before Actually Becoming Online Updated It wasn't a very pleasant news at all and we were hoping that those were some temporary technical programs and that the administration of this program did not disappear with investors' money. Luckily everything got back to normal and the problem was solved.

In the latest newsletter a Grand Opening is announced. At the time of opening there were already 450 active investors, so the team of ROF thanks everyone for their trust and for joining them. During the Pre-Grand Opening they have been able to prepare ROF to the online world of investing. The servers were improved, as well as the website and its security. The team of had been also building up program's marketing plans and testing parts of it in action.

If you are a member of this program, you are always welcome to make suggestions and comments. You can share any ideas, partnership propositions which you can send to program's staff via the contact us page on the website. Also as you may have seen, an introductory video on about us page as well as Facebook and Twitter pages are introduced. Take a look at it if you have not done it yet.

Another announcement is about a deposit bonus. Everyone who had joined the program before October 20 has received a deposit bonus. There is no such offer anymore, however there is another one “ a 7% referral commission till November 15 Midnight EST. And the newsletter ends with corporate update from speculators and analysts of RussianOilFund:

As of October 18th, 2010, ROF Oil Speculators have released the latest figure for ROF's speculation activities to maximize returns for ROF. The latest profit dividend received to ROF is $96,000. This is the highest return ROF has received to date in the year 2010. ROF is on a strong path to the end of the year for the highest year on record for ROF.

Well, as we can see the program was really launched despite different obstacles and problems. And considering the fact that the website looks attractive and the interest is reasonable, ROF can really become one of popular projects and it deserves our attention.

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