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Famous highyield investment projects have always had ambiguous reputation. In fact, it is very difficult to maintain a positive reputation and at the...

Famous high-yield investment projects have always had ambiguous reputation. In fact, it is very difficult to maintain a positive reputation and at the same time to succeed in high-yield investment industry. Itsafreeman, an investor and our reader, has sent us an email which we decided to publish uncut. It continues an interesting chain of facts that make you be careful with statuses showed by monitors. Other signals can be read here and here. At this time the situation turned around Redoinvest ( and MaxiCash (, the two projects, which we have written a lot about and an investor of which Itsafreeman was. Here is his story. reported serious DDoS attacks yesterday. Goldpoll jumped on labeling a scam yesterday, but reinstated Redoinvest to paying status today. Might not Goldpoll be a well disguised wolf in sheep's clothing, to destroy HYIPS? There is no more sure way to destroy the HYIP industry than selective non-payment and DDOS attacks against consistently paying programs, like GetsGain and Redoinvest. Lenin said "The best way to destroy the opposition is to lead it!"

If the administrator of Redoinvest is following his stated principles, he may be paying investors first and monitors second. That takes backbone!

Jeff, at Goldpoll, was allowed a sneak peek at my Liberty Reserve account when I reported Maxicash for not paying me, but paying them. Goldpoll then did ! nothing about Maxicash, until other monitors began to report investors being scammed. I had open accounts with GetsGain and Redoinvest at the time Jeff saw my LR files. I may have inadvertently contributed to their problems! There is the slim possibility I made the rookie mistake of duplicate registrations with Maxicash, but nothing was said to me. There were others reporting Maxicash at the time, too. It still doesn't change my suspicions about Goldpoll.

We should never be blind to critical thinking. Just because an organization is Number One, does not mean they serve our best interests. They will be loyal to whoever pays them. The up and coming operations are usually the most helpful.

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