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West Wood is a program that drew attention of many HYIP investors right after the launch because of its unusual and original design

West Wood (west-wood.biz) is a program that drew attention of many HYIP investors right after the launch because of its unusual and original design. It has been online for 41 days (since December 10, 2010) and today we are going to take a closer look at it. “West-wood.biz is a modern and dynamic company, whose main activity is the wholesale purchase and sale of cellulose on the trading floors theice.com and cmegroup.com.”

Investment Plans. There are 5 independent investment plans (meaning each plan is not a continuation of a previous one) at West-wood.biz. They all have different terms and bring different profit.

  • Interest is the name of the first plan. It offers 0.7% daily for 10 days and is affordable for everyone because the minimum is just $1. The maximum deposit is $150. The principal is returned on expiry. In case if you invest $100, you will receive $0.70 daily which is $7 in total + $100 principal back.
  • The second plan is called Volition. It will bring 1% daily for 30 days with the required minimum of $100 and $1,000 maximum. If you wish to invest $100 in this plan, you will receive $1 daily which is $30 at the end. Because the principal is also returned, you will have $130 total.
  • Stability plan offers 1.5% daily for 50 days. If you wish to make a deposit in this plan you must invest $500 minimum. The maximum is limited to $1,500.
  • Serenity plan promises 2% daily for 80 days. The deposit range is 2,500$ - 4,000$ and deposit will not be returned.
  • The last plan is called Freedom. The interest rate is 2.5% daily. The investment period is 130 days. You have to invest $3,000 minimum if you want to receive such interest and the maximum is limited to $5,000. Principal will not be returned.

Of course, Serenity and Freedom plans are the riskiest ones, however if you are a risk-taker you should try them out. Do not forget that you have to understand what you are risking. Otherwise do not invest.

There is no need to try to calculate how much money you will make in each plan because there is an investment calculator on the website for your convenience. Withdraws are processed manually. Minimum withdrawal is $0.20 and in case with AlertPay it is $1. Compounding is available and is optional.

Referral Program. It has 5 levels at West-wood.biz:

Level 1 – 4%
Level 2 – 3%
Level 3 – 2%
Level 4 – 1%
Level 5 – 0.5%

However, unlike many other referral programs, a participant must have an active deposit in order to receive a commission fee.

Payment Options. All most popular payment options are present at West Wood. Deposits are accepted via PerfectMoney, AlertPay and Liberty Reserve.

General Website Features. The script and the design of the website are unique which is clear once you enter West-wood.biz. At first it looks very unusual and you need time to get used to such kind of navigation. The most important feature is the availability of all most important information right on the main page. Everything becomes clear and there is no need to search for information on different pages. Another advantage of the program is that it can be surfed in 5 different languages. They are English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. Such possibility extends boundaries of the project and attracts people from different countries that do not know English very well.

Security Features. West Wood is hosted on a dedicated server at Dragonara. It is DDoS protected by Dragonara and SSL encrypted by Comodo. As you can see, the website is secured on a high level and can be considered safe to use.

Contact Methods. There are different ways to contact the administration. The quickest one is of course to communicate in chat room. However, you should keep in mind that chat is intended for addressing technical issues associated with the project. For any other matters not related to the technical aspects of the project, you should use e-mail and send your queries to the following addresses:

General queries: generalwestwood@gmail.com
Financially-related questions: finwestwood@gmail.com

West-wood.biz is definitely very attractive and might be a good opportunity for making money. It is currently on the 24th position in our HYIP-list with a PAYING status: http://westwood.hyipnews.com/

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