Updated: 03/15/2011 14:52
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The administration of SafeDepositary (, a number one program in our HYIPlist has announced that they are now trading on Forex...

The administration of SafeDepositary (, a number one program in our HYIP-list has announced that they are now trading on Forex market. The team of traders has been already formed and all investors will be able to see detailed trading reports that are going to be published on the website at the end of each month starting from March 31. Another news is regarding phishing emails that have been sent out on behalf of Safedepositary. The admin asks all investors not to provide any information to fraudsters and assures that his program has nothing to do with those emails:

We received a few complaints that someone from China sends phishing e-mails and asks to enter Safe Depositary access information. Please note that we NEVER ask our clients to provide us account access information. Before entering your account please make sure that you are on genuine Safe Depositary website -

We are still waiting for reports on Nigerian seminars (announced here), the first of which was supposed to take place on March 12 and will inform you once we find something out. I remind that you can read detailed information on SafeDepositary in a wonderful Large Review written by. 

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