Updated: 04/20/2011 16:59
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I suppose that you have already figured out that FxPowerPro is not coming back, judging by the protracted delay. And I think we should try to grasp why it happened in order to understand a HYIP world better. The reason for the closure obviously lies in the fact that this project had exhausted all available options and supplies of HYIP industry. Now I'll explain what I mean.

At any given moment there is a certain number of people who are willing and are able to invest in high-yield investment projects. If the administrator does not suffer from greed and develops his project consistently, it can theoretically operate until it exhausts all the possibilities that market provides at the first place. However, sooner or later the project will have to stop operating due to limitations of the market. The most important role in this process is, of course, competition. For a program to operate for up to six months, it must be at least among TOP10 investment projects. For it to work for a year, it must be at least in TOP5.

As a result, at some point there can be only a limited number of well promoted and popular projects. And there is limited demand for them. FxPowerPro, seems not to fit into the quota. Judging from the strategy of work and intentions of the administrator one could say with confidence that this admin was willing to work for as long as possible. This long, apparently, turned out to be equal to four months. And in this case I do not want to talk about the greed of the administrator because frankly speaking, FxPowerPro let its investors make good profit and I wish there were more projects of such kind.

Of course, these are just my thoughts and I do not try to explain what for sure happened to FxPowerPro because only the admin of this project knows it. However, I believe that every investor should understand how the HYIP industry functions and I simply expressed one of the points of view on this matter.


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