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The review contains about 28 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency, Just launched or mentioned in a review interview projects

Reviewed period: 04/22/2011 - 04/26/2011

The review contains about 28 sources, including agents from HYIPNews.com Agency

Just launched or mentioned in a review/interview projects:

  • ProfitDeluxe (profitdeluxe.com) 125% after 5 days
  • GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) 4% for 30 days
  • WABFunds (wabfunds.com) 1.2% for 120 days
  • OilCash (oil-cash.com) 126% after 1 day
  • InvRaise (invraise.com) 5% for 30 days
  • Mickinvestment (mickinvestment.com) 1.6% for 150 days
  • InterGoldFunds (intergoldfunds.com) 5.6% for 24 hours
  • Quick-Profits (quick-profits.net) 8% for 13 hours
  • StimInvestment (stiminvestment.com) 1.5% for 10 days
  • MMM (make-much-money.com) 132% after 1 day
  • MiniAir (miniair.net) 125% after 5 days
  • SuperHyip (superhyip.net) 1% daily for a year
  • FastFinance (fast-finance.biz) 125% after 1 day
  • SunInvestment (sun-investment.net) 115% after 1 day
  • Earn-bucks (earn-bucks.net) 114% after 3 days
  • PraGold (pragold.net) 4.5% for 24 hours

The following programs were compared on ECJ: RebelFunds vs. UnoFunds (unofunds.com): Rebelfunds wins in three categories while Unofunds wins in five categories. MakeDepositToday vs. InnovativeTrade (innovativetrade.net): MDT and Innovativetrade win in 2 categories each.

Events. GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) is still looking forward to unblock their account on AlertPay, but no response from the administration for a week or so. GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) added a new plan paying 105% after 5 days. ExoticFX is planning 2 live meetings with the admin, be in a hurry only 50 chairs: ”One on April 29th from 00:30 until 01:30 GMT …and another on April 29th from 14:00 GMT until 15:00 GMT.” MacroTrade added the Russian version of the site. MakeDepositToday added live chat and phone support, you may contact it by phoning +1 315 5064248. GenuineBank (genuinebank.com) added the Russian version of the site. TopEarnMoney added a new promising plan: 0.9%-1.6% for 315 days.

Problems. A server power supply of EliteAlliance (elitealliance.net) was interrupted for almost 2 minutes. As a result several investment contracts expired with no interest credited. The situation is under control and the admin should have solved it by the end of the same day. IvaStock (ivastock.com) and CitaFund (citafund.com) are facing problems with pay-outs. The same problem happened with WallStreetCompany and ReserveInt (reserveint.com)

Closures. AutomaticEarn (automatic-earn.com) and DollarWallet (dollarwallet.net) appeared to be the scammers.

Bonuses and contests. Global Digital Pay will add a bonus of 50% to all deposits (up to $500) made to any of plans from GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com).

E-currencies. BrantonsGroup (brantonsgroup.com) has added AlertPay. The administration of GenuineBank (genuinebank.com) also decided to add AlertPay as the new payment option.

Promises. In the latest newsletter the admin of EliteAlliance (elitealliance.net) has made several promises as for example soon the helpdesk software will be completely setup it takes about 3 to 5 days. Open Poll link will be removed from the Back Office. The forum software will be updated from phpBB to IPB for security purposes together with special user groups, allowing each group to view the appropriate content of the forums. PDF reports on the investment activity of Elite Group will be soon prepared. The log-in process will be modified and simplified. The project will also disable cross-processor deposits/withdrawals to prevent money laundering, and beginning next week, members depositing from AlertPay will only be able to withdraw to AlertPay, from LR to LR. A new multilingual Support Team will be formed by the end of next week.

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