Updated: 06/16/2011 17:29
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Two projects have sent us newsletters regarding their affiliate programs, however with different purposes. The first one came from...

Two projects have sent us newsletters regarding their affiliate programs, however with different purposes. The first one came from WhiteLogicInvestment. The administration of this project informs that some members had problems with a referral system and this problem has been already fixed: “We're pleased to inform you that we have fixed the bug that sometimes caused a missing sponsor. IMPORTANT! We had to change your referral link in the process. Please update your links, you can find it in the member's area! All of you will be compensated for the problem in 24 hours.” The admin of WhiteLogicInvestment thanks everyone for cooperation and reminds that you can contact him at [email protected]

The second update is from PharmaFinance. There have probably been cases of investors referring themselves and earning referral commissions in such a way, and that is why the administration decided to remind all members that “the affiliate program is used to attract new clients, not for personal gain by registration by your own referral link! The punishment for such actions is a large penalty (or ban of the account). Do not try to do this, we employ a very powerful system of verification of clones.”. I also do not recommend that you cheat in such a way because you may lose your deposit while trying to make a couple of bucks. Such condition is always mentioned in programs' TOSes, therefore admins have right to block your account if they know that you broke the rule.

By the way, it became even easier to contact the representatives of PharmaFinance at project's call center. Operators are always available from 12:00 to 24:00 GMT +0 (7 days a week). Request of a Callback is processed within 30 minutes on business hours. There are also more operators in live chat now, therefore you can ask your questions and quickly receive answers. I decided to confirm it and contacted the representatives of PharmaFinance via live support. It really works and the answers given by Eric were quick. You can be sure that it is not just an icon or live support form that is always offline. You should feel free to contact them and I'm sure they will do everything to help you.

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