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You should be aware of scam emails sent out by swindlers on behalf of InpladoFinance . Those might be program's competitors or just someone who wants...

You should be aware of scam emails sent out by swindlers on behalf of InpladoFinance. Those might be program's competitors or just someone who wants to use the name of InpladoFinance to steal your money. This email was sent from However, you should keep in mind that the only email addresses of this project are and The administration also reminds their account numbers: their only LR account is U9438744 and the only PM account is U1769790.

And here is the email sent out by swindlers. I post it for you, so that you know how emails of such kind might look. Remember that it is NOT from InpladoFinance and be sure not to respond to it:

“Hello, dear InpladoFinance Members.
Our site today was hacked by our competitors.
I strongly advise to contact us back before withdrawing any funds from site. Few members already got tricked and when they where withdrawing, all money went to different LibertyReserve or PerfectMoney. I will process all withdrawals manually.
Do not Ignore this warning.
All will be fixed within 2 days and you will be able to withdraw again without replying me. Reply this email and I will give you few security steps to prevent this hacking attempt.”

Well, I'm gonna tell you a secret. I pretended to be one of the customers of InpladoFinance who does not want to be hacked, so I sent them an email asking for steps which I should follow to see what they have to say. An hour and a half later I received the following response:

“Follow these steps before withdrawing/depositing funds in InpladoFinance.Com With these settings your account will be safe to withdraw and deposit funds and not get hacked.
1. Login to your LR or PM account, go to Merchant Tools.
2. Click on "Create new API"
3. Enter the following entries
3. API Name: pendingwithdrawal
3. Sec. Word: withdraw123
4. Check ENABLED
6. Check BALANCE
Other values leave to default.
Reply me after enabling these settings.
Thank you.”

The response and the steps which I should follow did not surprise me at all. As you can see, that's how it's done. Those investors who still don't know that they should never create any APIs might lose their money if we do not warn them. I've said it hundred times already in other publications, but I repeat again: never follow any instructions provided in emails of any kind! The provided above email is a phishing one and you will lose your money if you do what they ask you to. Everything is okay with InpladoFinance and your money will be in your account if you withdraw it. Please, help us spread this news.

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