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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 71 published by Lella Prior on July 22, 2011

Another Friday! Another Informational Survey from HYIPNews Team. We are happy to inform you of the latest news and updates of the HYIP industry. Hope, reading this informational survey you will find lots of info, which is going to be useful for your investing purposes.

Treasure Trade
(treasuretrade.biz) - 2.0 - 2.5% daily for 7 Calendar Days
Sofix Fund Inc (sofixfunds.com) - 1.75 - 2.5% daily!
Hot-Investing (hot-investing.com) - 105 - 130% after 1 day or 56-75% daily for 2 days!

IngFinance (ingfinance.com), EarnCapital (earn-capital.com), Instant Gold Profit (instantgoldprofit.com), Ficomprofit (ficomprofit.com), OilTradePro (oiltradepro.com), Forexgains (forexgains.info), Sofix Funds (sofixfunds.com), ExactFX (exactfx.org), Eurex24 (eurex24.com), CapitalFortune (capital-fortune.com), FixoEarn (fixoearn.com), The RoyalCash (theroyalcash.com), CivicMoney (civicmoney.net), Count After (countafter.com)

From the first part of the of our informational survey, the programs from the Opening section, it is well seen that summer is a dead season. HYIPNews team always tries to give yo ufresh and actual information. Naturally, if admins of the programs decide to use our services, in that case, dear readers and investors, you will get more detailed information on each of the programs.

Husm - not paying
Advantages Capital - not paying
Vasta Orkland Fund - site offline
Forex IntraDay Ltd - not paying
Cube Funds - site offline
Vigil Club - not paying
Pro Fx Cash - not paying
NanoEarn - not paying

As you can see the list of problematic programs has enlarged within the recent days. That does not mean all of these programs are finally gone for good. The administration of HYIPNews.com really hopes the problems of the programs will be solved and they will get back to normal work. Anyway, for now, wed recommend our readers to be on guard and monitor the programs thoroughly. So far, youd better stay away from investing to the programs mentioned above.

Events. HyperCompound has added the new language to its site. From now on the users of HyperCompound (hypercompound.com) may visit both English and Spanish speaking versions of the site. Multiversion of the site is a good sign, which speaks of professional approach towards investors.

The admin of GordonInvestProject (gordoninvestproject.com) is considering new longterm plan, which is going to be added soon. This information appeared in the news section of the project. Being a stable program running for long enough, any updates and changes of the plans seem to be not too positive. Anyway, well see what will happen later on with GordonInvestProject (gordoninvestproject.com) when (and if) the new plan is actually going to be added. It is a good sign, when programs keep on developing for various audience. And which is more important, summer, called dead season still brings new events to our readers and HYIP investors. For the details you can always contact the HYIPNews support team.

Good News.
Fortunately we have 3 programs in good news section of todays informational survey. Much less than last time, still 3 programs, Green Plants (gplants.org), Frost Investment Fund (frost-investment.com) and Swap Barter (swapbarter.net) have restored their positions on the market. They have managed to overcome the problems they used to have and right now they are working with flying colors. Following the forums reports and thorough analysis of these 3 programs. Reasons of problem statuses are unknown, but now, they are paying.

PayPal has been announced to become an offline payment system. As it has been said by the Chief Executive John Donahoe, they have great plans on helping offline retailers to develop their business as well as PayPal helped their online colleagues. The payment system update is to be completed within the year 2012. Well keep you updated on this news. Watch the regular news updates from HYIPNews.com

Closures. The Pro-Earn Investment (39 days), Income Acquisition (32 days), Forex Inv (10 days), Petro Proffit (17 days), Heinx Investment (18 days), Uniprimes (22 days), Capital Earn (26 days), FlyYield (28 days), Forex Element (40 days), TotFund (52 days), Pro-Earn.com (39 days).

HYIP Blogs. Google is launching their credit card. The news is extremely pleasant for small- and medium-sized business. At first, the card will be available for selected users as the beta version sent via invitation to selected customers. What is extremely important that Google will offer its clients the credit line with absolutely competitive interest rate. Unfortunately, it will be only used for google ads purchases on the site of Google.com and the entire search engine. Despite the limits we do hope this initiative will become popular among users and Google will make it open for every customer: http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48605_google-launches-its-own-credit-card

HYIP Forums. What should we expect from the HYIP industry in the future. Is HYIP industry dying or not? The true fact is that system that brings money to all the participants cannot disappear forever. If you have your own idea about this or you are eager to learn the people's thought, you may visit the TalkGold forum for details: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r334275-.html

Each of us asks a question to himself: "How to earn money online?" This problem has been discussed all around the forums in numerous topics and threads. Many people offered different opportunities, starting from creating a website or blog and ending with playing a HYIP. There are lots of ways to earn money online and there are also many advices concerning that. Just like that, a new thread has been originated on GoldenTalk giving the tips to earn money online. You may visit it, perhaps you'll find something new, something you've never heard of before: http://goldentalk.com/t57336.html

One of the main problems in HYIP industry is the abundance of scam short term sites that work for a week or so. Learning how to define this site from a solid HYIP is the basis rule when starting to invest with HYIPs. Following the link below, you will find the discussion that gives all possible information on how to avoid short term HYIP scam. Learn it and try not to be scammed. In case you have any questions, you may contact HYIPNews.com Support anytime: http://goldentalk.com/t41684-10-36.html

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