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Openings. Dear readers! The team of HYIPNews.com is happy to welcome you again with the new informational survey. We are trying to keep you updated with the recent news of HYIP arena, new openings and events. As always you will be given examples of currently hot forum and blog discussions. The administration of HYIPNews.com makes all possible for you to be up-to-date on the arena. And as usually we start our informational survey from the openings section.

Online Raise
(onlineraise.com) - 5% Daily for 40 Business Days
Oppo Markets (oppomarkets.com) - 110% after 1 day or 130% after 3 days!
Games Innovation (gamesi.biz) - 1.15-5.55% daily!

Compact Fund (compactfund.com), BricsMoney (bricsmoney.com), GoldenFund Group (goldenfundgroup.com), Enormous Profit (enormous-profit.com), VivaTrade (vivatrade.biz), Peak Profit (peak-profit.com), Beltion Fund (beltionfund.com), Sony Funds (sonyfunds.com), Mirex Group (mirexgroup.com), Monetasia (monetasia.com), Big-Earners (big-earners.com), HourlyBanker (hourlybanker.com), MaxRoi IIG (maxroigp.com), General Trade (generaltrade.biz), Hot-Alert (hot-alert.com)

After the weekend we are facing a large among of new programs appeared online. Absolute majority offers enormous profit, however when you take a closer look, you may see every program offering incredibly high interest to have the principal included into the profit, which makes the actual profit gained average. Still at first sight nearly all of new programs appeared during weekend and the start of this week seem to be short-term investment opportunities. We shall see what will happen further on and in our turn HYIPNews.com administration will be happy to cooperate with every new program once the respected admins show interest of cooperation.

Sossinvest - not paying
Zealand Investment - not paying
Forex Paean - not paying
Gain Traders - site offline
Invest Federal - not paying
Ing Finance - not paying
Oil Trade Pro - not paying

This start of the week shows a very negative development for some of new HYIP programs that were launched recently. Within some days of work the status is changed to problem. The tendency is not positive at all. We do hope, this problems will be resolved and they are only caused by the temporal factors. Although, the difficulties of programs with the problem statuses may finally lead to closing a program, which had been started recently. Whatever happens, administration of HYIPNews does not support such an unprofessional approach towards their work from the side of new programs. If doing business like that, one will hardly earn the audience attention and interest towards this or that HYIP.

Events. The AlertPay accounts of EarnGroups (earngroups.com) have been put ON HOLD on Friday as informed by the admin of the program. The reason declared is the necessity of verifying their identity. In the latest update on the site the admin of EarnGroups (earngroups.com) reports all necessary documents have been sent for verification. What is really strange is that while being unable to pay the withdrawals, EarnGroups AP accounts are still able to accept new deposits. This is unacceptable and so far until the situation with AP blocking the EarnGroups (earngroups.com) accounts is resolved, the administration of HYIPNews.com would strongly recommend not to invest via AlertPay.

Unitrust Direct (unitrust-direct.com) has announced about opening the new investment product for their members. This is a brand new investment plan, which is called Trial Portfolio. Looks like it's a nice way to try investing with this HYIP for the period of just 5 days. On the other hand, this update looks rather suspicious. Very often updates like that may speak of soon closure of the program. HYIPNews is watching the news closely and recommends investors of Unitrust Direct (unitrust-direct.com) to be on guard!

Clarinton Trading (clarintontrading.com) has decided to make its own survey with the list of questions to their investors, asking of the attitude towards the HYIP. In the news section of the program Clarinton Trading (clarintontrading.com) you will find the list of questions to your attention. In case you want, you may share your opinion about this particular HYIP.

Good News.
Only 3 programs that experienced problems at the end of the previous week managed to get back to normal work on the arena. This is less than a half. Unfortunately the rest seem to be gone for good. So what are the lucky programs, which are still running online. These are Advantages Capital (advantagescapital.com), Forex IntraDay Ltd (forexintradayltd.com), Pro Fx Cash (profxcash.com). Hopefully, next time, we will finally see the 100% of problematic HYIPs to be back online without any troubles further more. Until now, let us enjoy what we actually have rest. The administration of HYIPNews.com congratulates all investors of the programs mentioned above and wishes profitable cooperation and successful work in the future.

In today's survey we'd like to talk about the global money transfer company MoneyGram. This rather popular company is expanding to the region of emerging markets as said by the Dan O'Malley, MoneyGram's executive vice president of the Americas and Emerging Markets. This is the priority task for them and addition of 3 new agents in South America is a proof of his words. Growing rapidly, MoneyGram makes the total amount of their agent locations equal to 11305. Being one of the fastest and reliable money transfer systems, MoneyGram is always trying to meet the customer's demands and expectations of every agent, no matter if it's a new or an old one.

Closures. Vasta Orkland Fund (62 days), MA Finance (25 days), Vigil Club (15 days), Cube Funds (42 days), Assured Depositary (63 days), Husm (1044 days).

HYIP Forums. HyipBlogger.com is for sale. The admin has decided to sell the blog. Th entire content, published articles, active monitoring accounts are for sale. The reason for selling the website as said by the admin is lack of time to run it. You want to see the details, please follow the link below: http://hyipblogger.com/2657/selling-hyipblogger/

The massive takeover is in place. TD Ameritrade Holding plans to purchase the rival company ETrade Financial Corp as declared by the Wall Street Journal. The reason for the statement is that the largest shareholder of TD Ameritrade Holding Citadel LLC has started to consider the sale of its business and more likely the buyer will be TD Ameritrade Holding. Here is the news source for your attention: http://ecommerce-journal.com/news/48613_td-ameritrade-may-acquire-etrade-online-brokerage

Gold price makes the fresh record high on Asian market, reaching the price of $1,623.00. What are the predictions for gold investment? Is there a maximum or the up cycle has just started? Should investors be afraid of soonest gold decline? You may join the discussion on Talkgold forum: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r334593-.html

It's summer time. Many students simply wonder what should and could be possibly done to earn some money during the summer weekend before the study time comes. There are lots of options and ways to earn money discussed on the web. The Goldentalk forum offers an interesting thread to their reader, which may include some really useful pieces of information on this topic. Part-time employment, season jobs etc. All these and much more are discussed here: http://goldentalk.com/t55487.html

Online business and earning money online is the cherished dream of nearly all Internet users. Social networks have already become not just a place for chatting with friends. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace have become solid business platforms for making money online and advertising activity online. If you want to reveal some Twitter secrets, if you want to learn some aspects of making money from your Twitter account, you should visit this thread: http://goldentalk.com/t57385.html

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