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Let me tell the truth from the very start, i like the actual state of things in the sphere of high yield programs as of the beginning of August 2011. Dear readers, this is quite a unique case! This summer we haven't experienced any lack of good programs and till now we haven't lost a single good and proven player. Well, perhaps the event happened some days ago will become the start of the entire chain of high-profile closures, though still there will remain so many good programs, even if half of them would shut down. Sure, it will be horrible. That is why i would prefer trusting it wouldn't happen in the nearest time, cause 15 good programs do not go down soon! And the number 15 is the exact number pf programs that should be closed to make things significantly worse. How can such a project like Western Sum (westernsum.com) be closed in a month?

First of all, they have huge investments into the design. Naturally, this is suspicious, cause it looks like a hand-made one. Let me state this right away! As for me it is also hard to think what people, who make such a brilliance, think of. No, i don't trust them, but i will take a risk and make some deposit for a test. Let this money be invested to the development of high yield investing industry. That is because, it is worth investing only because of the outlook.

Secondly, they have way-up plans. The shortest one lasts 2 days and the most profitable can make you 200% profit in 3 months time (!). The profit in the most affordable and the shortest plan is not large of course, just 0.8%, however, you don't get your funds locked at all. You invest today and you get it back in some days. Well, the minimum is $50, but if it's the signs of industry renaissance, it's not much at all.

To tell the truth, i don't understand, why their plans are called like that. The Aggressive fund gives income significantly lower than given in the Classic fund. Why is that so? It should be the opposite way. They should have been called vice versa or just called in a more appropriate way. Nor more other claims till now. I hope we can make a short review so that we could tell more about the plans and terms in a more detailed way. I wish Western Sum would become another stage both of the market development and your personal income. Get to know!

P.S. But don't forget about the risks!

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