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Openings. Hello, dear readers! The informational survey made by HYIPNews.com is back on the air. Here you will get the latest news from the HYIP industry for the latest three days. You will also become aware of the actual Problems with HYIP programs and also get to know of the openings of the week. The hot forum discussions and blog updates - all this is provided at your attention by the team of HYIPNews.com. Enjoy your reading!

Investment Core 1.8-2.9% daily for 150-270 days!
Kist Funds 1.3-2.2% daily for 120 days!

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Perfect Emoney - not paying
Primfix - not paying
Decent Earning - not paying
Global-Saving - not paying
MaGo Fund - not paying
PreMoney - site offline
Trusted Earn - not paying
Tgfund - not paying

Well, once again we have a new list of Problem programs and it should be noticed. It's not that big again. The biggest disappointment is possibly the problem of Primfix, the HYIP, which has been listed on the site of HYIPNews.com and which lifetime is more than 150 days. Pretty much for the industry. Anyway, we are sorry for all investors, who are losing money with Primfix. It's hard to believe they will recover and renew the Paying status, though hope is the only thing left in this case.

BruyetteInvestment (bruyette.com) has developed the new banners for the promotion means. The banners of the following sizes: 125—125, 468—60 and 728—90 can be found in the referral section of the member area.

Another fake e-mail is sent to investors of the HYIP WinnerEarn (winnerearn.com). The fake e-mail says about some contest and prize, won by the e-mail receiver and further instructions on how to enable API on their accounts. The only reason for that request is willing to steal your money right after enabling the API. Anyway, we should warn you not to reply any e-mails coming from the address: [email protected] The real admin mail of the project is [email protected] Beware of scammers! At the same time, the admin of WinnerEarn (winnerearn.com) has posted official update on the site, saying he never sends out any e-mails.

The admin of BaseBucks (basebucks.net) has posted the update on the official forum. The update says about the so-called re-investment fund that starts around $20000, due to the fact things are going well with the project. Another update is regarding the MTV program, which is going to be implemented soon. To tell the truth the entire update is very confusing, so if you wish to know more, you should contact the admin of BaseBucks (basebucks.net) for details.

RichesBank (richesbank.com) is in the event section of our informational survey second time in a row. This time the update is about another update from the admin of RichesBank (richesbank.com). The update is about implementing the phone support, profit calculator and e-mail notification on the deposit maturity. Nice updates from the support point of view. Especially the last one, you no longer need to check your account several times a day waiting to see if the deposit is closed or not. From now on, you will be sent the immediate notification saying that your deposit in RichesBank (richesbank.com). Well done and good luck with this HYIP!

Bassko has announced that due to a script upgrade, old members accounts were removed from the system and now all active members are forced to register new accounts, where all the funds are going to be added manually from the old accounts. The situation is out of the kind. Frankly speaking, it's not clear how does the old accounts could prevent the script upgrade. We'll watch the situation development with Bassko in the future.

Good News. Unfortunately, dear investors, we do not have any good news for you today! All programs that were marked as Problem last time are now closed and seem to be gone for good. Among the closed ones there are 3 pretty old programs, iiCo that lasted for 632 days, Federal Deposit Fund that lasted for 508 days and MGFunds that lasted for 265 days. All, who used to have active deposits in these programs, please accept my condolences. Hope you didn't lose much.

Closures. Federal Deposit Fund (508 days), MGFunds (265 days), Audiva Traders (109 days), Pay You Money (46 days), True Invest (9 days), World Wide Profit (9 days), Gold Super Markt (8 days), Keep On Earning (10 days), King Funds (27 days), Asia Public Finance (94 days), iiCo (632 days), Amazing Forex (32 days), Primfix (170 days).

HYIP Blogs. The blog Money-News-Online.com has experienced several hours downtime, because of the network problem in the data center of BlockDos, their hosting provider. Within several times of downtime, the work of the site has been renewed and the site is online now. http://money-news-online.com/blog/

AS we informed in one of the previous releases of the informational survey, Frank, the admin of The Private HYIP Blog announced the contest for the best HYIP Art to fill the gallery. now there are plenty of paintings and vote for the best one has been open. Let us remind, the one who wins the vote gets the prize from Frank, $30. You may vote and see the results here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2011/09/21/vote-now-for-your-favorite-hyip-art/

HYIP Forums. The question that possibly intrigues many people is, whether it possible to load the debit card with Liberty Reserve and then be able to withdraw from local ATM. Indeed this opportunity would be rather attractive for investors. Still we are not sure if it's really possible. Anyway, the person who started this thread wonders... maybe there are some options. Come to see more on this problem: http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r339658-.html

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