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Hello my dear friends. Today I will continue the series of my publications about the MMM2011 project

Hello my dear friends. Today I will continue the series of my publications about the MMM-2011 project: regarding Mavros and some working procedures of the project.
In October 2011 one member of the project proposed to change the name of the currency from MMM to Mavro (Mavrodi is the surname of the founder of the project). He wrote an email to Sergey Mavrodi with this proposal. Then S. Mavrodi thought this was a good idea and decided to rename the currency, after asking about this the members of the pyramid.
Thus, the member of the project can use any kind of currency which is suitable to him/her. They can buy/sell Mavro-USD, Mavro-EURO, Mavro-INR or any other currency according to the rates from the site ( you join the project you buy MAVRO. When you want to withdraw some real money from the project, you sell your Mavros. In order to enter the project you have to register and to choose a ten's manager, if not - he will find you according to your location.

How to find a ten's manager

In order to join the project you have to register on the official site and to wait until you are contacted or you can find a ten's manager who you would like to follow. The first way is simple: you enter your name, e-mail and your phone number in the fields then you enter the code from the SMS sent to your phone. You can then enter the virtual office using the login form by phone number. But you can choose the second way, and find a ten's manager yourself. Usually good ten's managers have their own blogs and sites where their contacts are specified. After choosing a ten's manager you can call him by phone or skype, or write him an email. After assuming all the responsibility as a member of the MMM project you will receive a special form for participating in the project. You will have to indicate your name, surname, email, the amount of Mavro which you want to buy and also the referrer, the person who brought you in the pyramid.

After choosing the type(s) of deposit(s) which you want to invest, you will have to choose where to keep your money: in your account or in the ten's manager account; these subjects I described in the previous article. Personally, I prefer members to cheep their funds in their own accounts (bank accounts or e-money accounts). What is important is that the member will have to transfer his money to the account indicated by the ten's manager when he will require for it. This is an obligation and if the member refuses to do so, he will be excluded from the project. Then you will have access in your virtual office where you can see your deposits. There you can also send messages to your ten's, hundred's or thousand's managers or do other operations.

Some practical observations:

  • In the pyramid real people participate, aware of all the risks of participating in this association;
  • It is better to find a ten's manager by yourself: either through a friend, or by selecting one from the blogs and web pages found by you in internet;
  • At registration you don't have to transmit your passport data (if you invest real money and don't register only for the bonus of 20$);
  • The ten's manager opens a bank account on his name where the funds of the ten are kept;
  • If the payments to investors are small, they will be made from the funds of the ten. If money is not enough, the ten's manager will contact the hundred's manager, who, in turn, will ask other ten's managers to send money to transfer the necessary amount;
  • If you will not be lucky with the ten's manager and he disappears with the money of the whole ten, your deposits will be recovered from the accounts of other tens;

The profitability is from 20% to 65% (for disabled persons, pensioners and managers +10%). However it is not the deposit which increases, but the value of acquired Mavros.
From the 12th of December, 2011 to the 15th of January, 2012 a New Year bonus of 25% from the amount invested is available. For example if you invest 100 USD, in this period, you will have an investment of 125 USD.

For those who are interested in this project:
My skype: padrian98

NOTE: I am warning you you that this is a financial pyramid and this article is my own view and it is not a recommendation for entering the project MMM-2011.

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