Updated: 07/02/2012 16:57
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Starting from the very launch of the project, Profit Hall has issued two news updates. First of all, the new official withdrawal processing time has...

Starting from the very launch of the project, Profit Hall has issued two news updates. First of all, the new official withdrawal processing time has been initiated. Initially it has been planned to process all pending withdrawal requests within 6 hours max, however it sometimes happened to take longer than declared. Hence the optimal solution has been found, which is to implement a 12-hour pending policy aimed at avoiding any possibly misunderstandings between the clients and the management of Profit Hall. Still, that doesn't mean that you cannot be paid within 6 hours, sometimes you will be paid faster than declared. the main point in changing the policy is to process the payment within a maximum of 12 hours, which is the term declared.

Another newsletter which has been issued earlier refers to the first achievements of Profit Hall. It should be mentioned that they have successfully completed twelve cycles paying to LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney on its shortest investment plan – 105%-130% after 1 day. It should be mentioned, the payouts have been completed pretty fast, despite the withdrawal policy declared. So far everything is going on well enough. Investors seem to be impressed by the performance of Profit Hall admin. Hopefully the program will keep on running long enough to make profits for every investor, who dared to join more long term investment plans offered by Profit Hall, which are 165%-700% after 10 days, 235%-1000% after 18 days, 300%-2000% after 28 days, 500%-5000% after 40 days. The start at least seems encouraging enough.

The final piece of news in the update from Profit Hall sets a warning against the attempt to scam investors by sending fake emails allegedly from Profit Hall‘s email account with some generous offers to invest. Please note that usually such programs never send you such messages and ask to deposit money directly to their LR or PM accounts, but rather do it only via the member’s area on the site. Profit Hall is no exception, so just ignore such emails if you get them: Here is the update proving this news:

"...Please ignore all emails coming from Someone is sending spam emails using our name offering 10% bonus on deposits. Please note that its not our email, we will never ask you to send money directly to any LR/PM avoiding your member account.
Best regards. ProfitHall Support".

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