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Some time ago we have published the news from IntraFunds admin, who revealed himself as the HYIP admin and confirmed that his program just like any...

Some time ago we have published the news from IntraFunds admin, who revealed himself as the HYIP admin and confirmed that his program just like any other one will close sooner or later. How soon - that depends first of all on investors performance. Today we have received another part of admin revelations, however this time, it is more like an education of new investors. I personally don't know for sure what the goal of the admin of IntraFunds is, so it's getting more and more interesting, which is actually a good point for the business performance itself.


So, today the newsletter was sent to the members of IntraFunds. The newsletter says about implementing the "Education" page on the project's website. The page is supposed to describe what HYIP is mostly for the newbie investors as well as not to let experienced ones how dangerous and risky HYIP business is. The main concept of IntraFunds admin is not to let people, who are not aware that IntraFunds is a HYIP, join the project and invest into it. Strange, i should say...


For more information, you are invited to click on the following link: There is also Education tab in the slideshow. The admin insists on reading this information by both the newbies and experienced investors. Moreover looks like it's the first admin, claiming to be an honest one. I personally don't think he actually is. To my mind it's just another marketing trick - to make good and "honest" relationships with every single investor and then make them invest more, making use of their trust. On the other hand, being an honest admin, he never tells anyone to invest.


The admin of IntraFunds is always telling the truth. In this aspect every investment decision is purely investors' choice without any pressure. Whatever, the truth is, knowing you are a scammer and letting other people know about it doesn't mean you can sleep well if you scam everyone down. No matter what this is just a theory so far. Until now the project is paying well and on time. Wish it could last as long as possible!

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