Updated: 01/09/2013 16:31
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Updated: Please read the comments from StallionGold admin regarding the anniversary date below: "The most recent news from StallionGold is referring...

Updated: Please read the comments from StallionGold admin regarding the anniversary date below:

"The most recent news from StallionGold is referring to the celebration of the third anniversary of company establishment. According to the administration, while the online version of the program is operating since May of 2012, the company activity actually dates back to January of 2010. In view of this event the latest news announcement stated that on January 7th, no profits were paid to program users..."

The StallionGold investment project has been getting far more and more popular among the investors. Especially now, when the holidays are over, lots of potential investors are looking forward to make new deposits to the projects that managed to survive Black December and enter the new year smoothly. StallionGold can be considered as one of such projects. We have two pieces of news concerning the work of StallionGold. And we are happy to share this news with you.

First of all it should be mentioned that beginning of the year 2013 has been celebrated by StallionGold by adding the new localization for the website. Using the link located in top right corner of the website, those willing to read through the StallionGold website in Chinese are now able to do that. Chinese version has become the fifth localization of the site after English, Russian, Spanish and French. By adding new language versions StallionGold makes news steps to meet the needs of the clients worldwide.

The most recent news from StallionGold refers to the anniversary of the project on January 7. On that day no profits were declared to be paid. All in all, i do believe it's better to show the entire news quoted and hence you can read it below:

"Anniversary Celebration
Dear investors and website visitors, on January 7th StallionGold Ltd. is celebrating its third anniversary since its official establishment and of the exciting journey in making the prosperity possible for so many individuals and organizations. We are truly happy being able to make positive difference in financial lives of our clients. Kindly note that due to this internal company event, no profits will be credited to user accounts for the day of upcoming Monday, January 7th, 2013."

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