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Crest Funds is a comparatively young HYIP listed at HYIPNews 26 days ago. The project can be considered a longterm for the interests offered by the...

Crest Funds is a comparatively young HYIP listed at HYIPNews 26 days ago. The project can be considered a long-term for the interests offered by the admin are rather decent. The pioject offers 1.4-1.8% daily for the investment period of 30-90 business days. Within 3 weeks listed Crest Funds managed to get to the 28th place in the listing, which is right in the middle of it. The result is pretty good and we congratulate the admin on completing the first month online with flying colors!


The newsletter saying about the anniversary has been released and sent out to the members of Crest Funds today. The perfect performance of the project is confirmed by the admin of Crest Funds, Gary Harrow. As he claimed the 500th active member has been registered the previous week. The important notice regarding the membership says that 76% of all members, absolute majority in other words, has been referred by others, which gives the evidence of importance of mouth-to-mouth advertising.


What raises alert to some extent is the notification about changing the withdrawal schedule for some days. Here is the quotation, explaining the change: "Up until the 22nd of October withdrawal requests will be processed multiple times every business day between 7am and 3pm GMT. As from the 23rd of October the schedule will be back to 8am - 4pm GMT. For your convenience, we will add one withdrawal session on Saturday, 19th of October as well."


As you can see from the quotation, the withdrawal schedule will get back to normal after October 23 and the reason for the change to be applied is some travel issues.

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