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latest hyip news digest september 07 2015
Read the news digest to learn of new deposit feature at Super2X, new features at CreatProfit and CrowdEarner, upgrade at Coin Traders, Alnion Union report
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Read the news digest to learn of new deposit feature at Super2X, new features at CreatProfit and CrowdEarner, upgrade at Coin Traders, Alnion Union report

Another news digest is published below with the latest events from the HYIPs online. For a start there is an update from Super2X HYIP, which says about the new deposit method added to the project. Now one can make a deposit using PayPal. The complete list of accepted payment methods looks like that: Perfectmoney , Payeer , bitcoin ,Paypal & Solidtrustpay.

The admin of Honor For The Brave HYIP has been pleased enough to announce the Russian version of its website. To switch between Russian and English versions one can push the flag buttons on the website of the HYIP.

CreatProfit HYIP has recently added Live Chat feature. The customers are welcome to take advantage of using the online support to solve nearly any issue that may arise when working with the website.

Coin Traders is pleased to inform about the major server upgrade that happened before the weekend. During the update some innovations have been made and instant deposit feature has been enabled. The upgrade did not affect users earnings. Another feature added is the bitcoin auto-withdrawal option. The following week new payment processor will be added - SolidTrustPay. The Live support is also planned to be added later this month.

CrowdEarner admin has issued another newsletter which informs about the start of automatic earnings withdrawal testing procedure on the website. Within next few days the new feature will be tested and withdrawals will be credited to customers' Perfect Money or Payeer accounts immediately upon the request. The update won't affect the Bitcoin withdrawal feature due to the nature of the bitcoin system itself. The testing results seem to be rather positive, in the coming days when the system is going to be tested completely, the new feature will become fully enabled. Till then withdrawals are processed through API or manually, depending on the number of withdrawals.

The FxROI issues the second newsletter to the members reporting the start of the second working week of the project. The admin places the reminder to all non-active members about the possibility for the non-active accounts to be deleted from the database. Moreover, once the account is deleted any further attempts to register from the same IP shall be denied. The project claims to stay here for long and by placing such restrictions for non-active accounts the admin is looking forward to encourage all members to make their deposits ASAP, not the best solution to my mind, after all.

Starting the 10th day online, the admin of CryptoShuttle informed its members about the compounding feature, which has been enabled. From now on there is a possibility to choose from five levels of compounding: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, according to the terms of which, you can reinvest the amount of profit selected. This new option is both available for old and new deposits.

At the start of the weekend, Albion Union HYIP, which is taking the first place at HYIPNews provided the trading report for the previous week. As reported, the traders of the project reached the average profit factor of 16.23%! For the attention of the customers, upon the request Guest Access to the corporate Forex trading account can be provided.

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