Updated: 04/22/2019 12:29
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latest hyip news digest april 22 2019
Latest hyip news, Brilliant Alliance adding Payeer and German localization, Zonders develops trading bot adding new VIP plan, Bitcoin and altcoins rates
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Latest hyip news, Brilliant Alliance adding Payeer and German localization, Zonders develops trading bot adding new VIP plan, Bitcoin and altcoins rates

Take your time to check the latest news from the hyips online. Brilliant Alliance enabled the new payment option, which gives opportunity to make deposits via Payeer. Apart from that German language has been added to the official website.

Zonders hyip investment launched a unique innovative trading bot with a lossless strategy and unlimited operational time. As claimed Zonders managed to unite powerful trading algorithms with pre-defined profit margins. LONG and SHORT link of strategies, created by the specialists, is reported to be loss-free – in case of a price drop, the bot is purchasing assets in part, selling everything when the price is rising , and buy the sold items upon the next price drop. Then again it sells on the increase and provides the constant profit to the deposit.

The developers Zonders calculated the optimum size of profit 7.3%. The trading bot was totally tested by our company on several trading platforms for the 5-month period and demonstrated consistent automated work and stable profitability in calculated measurements. There is some good news for the VIP investors of Zonders as well. A new termless investment plan "ZONDERS SPECIAL" has been launched especially for this group of investors. Take a closer look at the terms of the new plan available:
Term – termless
Profit – 7.3% a day on a LIFELONG basis
Amount limit – 20000$ – 100000$
Deposit body – works in the system without time limits.  

And at the end of the news digest, a couple of words about the main cryptocurrency and major litecoins. Last week, the Bitcoin rate showed good results, having managed to consolidate above $ 5200 dollars. Now the price of bitcoin is at $5303.

Most of the top ten cryptocurrencies are not far behind Bitcoin, also showing a positive trend. The Bitcoin Cash rate adds 0.49%, the Ripple price strengthens by 0.33%, the cost of Ethereum strengthened by 1.01%, and the Bitcoin Gold rate rose by 1.75%. The total capitalization of the Bitcoin market now amounts to $ 93,662 million.

Indeed, the volume of accumulation of altcoins reached a five-year peak, and the cryptocurrency market is heavily overbought. But the main risk is that any accumulation of assets in the portfolios of investors can instantly give way to sharp sales, and then the fall of Bitcoin will happen again. On the other hand, one of the main issues for investors is still the regulation of the market and the legal protection of assets. In general, the prospects for the main cryptocurrency are positive, and we can expect further growth of the Bitcoin rate in the coming days.

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