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Updated: 03/05/2005 01:37
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We have already talked about e-currencies in one of the previous issues. We talked about E-gold and Webmoney. However, there are many other solutions, e-money in the Internet and we'd like to talk about them in today's article.

Unfortunately, we can't draw much attention to the investigation, it would take too much space, though some general observations, given here, will be enough to supplement the picture with knowledge of two more currencies: GoldMoney and NetPay.tv

To begin with, I'd like just to name all e-currencies, known nowadays. You may not even heard of them. For our narration we'll take those, widely used on the investment market. E-Bullion, NetPay, GoldMoney, Pecunix, VirtualGold.net, StormPay, 1 MCD, e-gold, WebMoney. In the first part we talked about e-gold and WebMoney. Now we are going to tell You of GoldMoney and NetPay.

GoldMoney (http://goldmoney.com/) - one of the most popular kinds of e-currencies, based on metals (e-metal). It' is used in HYIP. Using this e-currency is realized through the units, called GoldGrams, with the help of which You can complete transactions to any place of the world, buy anything or invest.

The same as E-gold this currency is based on gold with the unit, called GoldGrams. Since it's widely used, You can get GoldMoney in many on-line exchangers, dollar value of GoldMoney purchased changes according to changing the price on gold.

We have repeatedly told You that it's even possible to earn like that, though it's not worth buying currency purposefully. It's better to buy gold. Moreover, with the help of GoldMoney system it's not hard to make it specially. Probably, it's one of the most important system peculiarities.

GoldMoney - is one of the best ways to buy and sell gold. Buying gold via GoldMoney system is cheap and easy, besides all the transactions are carried out immediately. Your gold will be safe, it will be stored in a safe, insured by "Lloyd's of London" company. You will have on-line access to Your funds 24/7. You can use Your funds to pay the bills or transfer them to other system customers.

Registration is not difficult and logically-thought. That's why we are not going to draw much attention within this article, moreover we told of registration principles (such as multi-accounts) in the previous article.

Many people use GoldMoney to secure their prosperity, taking into account recent serious financial shakes, leading to the collapse of many unstable currencies. These clients also know that GoldMoney system is an ideal payment solution for on-line transactions and e-commerce (in particular it's acknowledged by HYIP admins). GoldMoney company has a registered process, allowing rapid transfer of the right to gold possession immediately, via Internet. The security system is also up to the mark.

Besides, GoldMoney top-management - used to be managers from the investment banks Morgan Stanley Chase Manhattan. So, it speaks well of them. Let's hope, their experience will favorably tell upon their currency.

The second famous payment system, widely used in the Internet - is NetPay (http://www.netpay.com/). It's a series of peculiarities. First of all, it's totally adjusted for e-commerce, since it was designed exclusively for these purposes. Reacting to the market demand.

This payment system is registered in the offshore zone of the Republic of Panama by several offshore investors. Besides, all economic interactions are carried out through the base bank, also offshore by the way. Though, it has real office.

The bank is an associated member of Europay/Mastercard system. The Cirrus/Maesto card, emitted by this bank is the result of this cooperation. You can either fund it from the system, or draw the money out via ATM, or pay in the shops.

Secondly, NetPay cooperates with e-gold company and other payment systems; funds can be transferred back to the banking card in real time; all the funds are supported with gold and allocated on the accounts of the top offshore banks.

Opening an account is free of charge in the system. There is no year, monthly or any other fee. The payment commission - is 1%, but not less than 0.1 USD and not more than 2.5 USD. This condition is valid for all kinds of payments. Transferring money to the card - 2%.

The account can be funded bank wire. Besides, there is a lock in E-gold. And You can easily transfer funds from one system to another. In addition there are independent exchangers, most of which work with E-gold, they offer alternative ways of refilling Your account.

This e-payment system is closely integrated with E-gold. Debit card MAESTRO (Debit Master Card ) can be tied to the NetPay account. With its help You can have cash in any ATM, accepting MasterCard. NetPay allows free, immediate transferring from E-gold to NetPay.

With the help of NetPay You can complete Wire Transfer to any world bank. With the help of NetPay You can quickly cash out Your E-gold, receiving the money with the help of debit card MAESTRO or making Wire Transfer on Your banking account.

Besides, NetPay offers partnership program. You will have 20% of the commission fee (min 0.02$ max 0.50$) for the customer referred. Plus 15$ for every ordered debit card. The most interesting is that You will have a 10% bonus for every transaction from the commission You received from another member. In such a way, this system is also an interesting, taking into account the quality of the terms, it's for You to chose.

This is all for today. Now You can use these systems, and if not - then at least You will have the authentic view about them. Soon we'll revert to the topic of e-currencies and tell You about the rest of them, being "problematic" areas in the investment world, despite all the perspectives.

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