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Updated: 05/20/2007 10:03
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There are a lot of articles about high yield programs, scam and risk as well as an opportunity to make money with investing. Sometimes it is difficult to understand in what article the truth is written. There is a lot of information and advice about online investments, use of e-currencies and fraud.

The truth is that HYIP is on a high and is growing everyday on the Internet circuit. Another truth is that people who are gaining fortunes investing in these programs are increasing in numbers. But you must understand that HYIP investments are not always high return and luck. Success in HYIP means knowing the right things about HYIP investments.

You know surely that you will have to undertake a lot of research work if you decide to invest into HYIP. Researching a host of HYIP program sites is the first thing that you should do before you jump into anything. Profit making from HYIPs will require you to devote some time to the Internet. And this is primarily because you will have to get a clue about the market scenario. You will also know where to search for HYIPs.

Knowing facts big or small will certainly help you to face situations better and consequently will help you to add on to your profits. A great number of HYIP monitors, discussion forums and admins of investment portals can help you to get needed useful information about high yield investment programs. They also urge the users to rate every program whatsoever.

Well, I do not talk about the HYIP research information in this article. The important point of this writing today is E-gold account. Though E-gold was established by Douglas Jackson only in 1996, this system has a central position in a HYIP process nowadays.

Any investor knows that he will have to transfer cash from his bank account to the company's account by way of e-currency. And to make possible the use of these accounts he will be required to register with one or all of them. Not just that, before his account gets active, the investor will have to certify his email address to say it all.

So we know the system and tools of HYIP investments. The question is why scammers like E-gold so much? According to a HYIP website?�who maintains a comprehensive database of HYIP scams daily, 89% of the scams preferred E-gold as their online payment processors than others.

Another official fact of great fraud in the E-gold system is that in January 2006, BusinessWeek reported that an 4000-strong international crime syndicate involved in massive identity theft and fraud, namely Omar Dhanani said to have moved amounts ranging from $40,000 to $100,000 a week from proceeds of crime through e-gold.

The answer is that two features of E-gold are very attractive for fraudsters. No necessary verification is needed and easy entry into an E-gold account made the system a perfect one for scammers. However, millions of people all over the world continue to use E-gold.

At first, I give some short information how E-gold works. E-gold and OmniPay have also been accused of being a medium for money laundering, although this is questionable given that there were only 24 customer accounts holding over 10kg of gold (approximate value $200,000).

As digital gold currency providers are not banks, they are not legally required to perform various sorts of "know your customer" background checks. However, many E-gold exchange providers require a high level of identification, sometimes more intrusive than a bank.

The problem is that opening an account at takes only a few clicks of a mouse. Furthermore, customers can use a false name if they like because no one checks. With a credit card or wire transfer, a user buys units of E-gold. Those units can then be transferred with a few more clicks to anyone else with an E-gold account.

Furthermore, we discuss how scammers steal money from our E-gold accounts. The most common method for fraudsters is to gain access illegally into your E-gold account, lock you out and then move out financial means from your account. For example, a clever scammer may send a pseudo-email from the real E-gold system to E-gold users.

He may claim that you need to click on a link inside the mail to verify your account. Certainly, you will be asked to fill in your E-gold account number, passphrase, email address and email address password. Then the thing is clear - scammers use all your information and steal your money.

Another example is that the scammer can install key logger software at the computer where you have an access to your E-gold account. The software captures you account number and passwords which they use for stealing money. This mostly happens if you use a public computer.

Protecting from E-gold fraud is not difficult and there are some simple rules, for instance, you should always logout from your account after use. Or if you want to try a new exchanger, it is advisable to test with a very little amount the first few times. And it is important to remember that you may never click on a link in any message supposedly sent to you by E-gold because E-gold will never send you messages with attaches.

We see that E-gold is important to a lot of online businessmen as a form of payment for their services or products all over the world. HYIPs without the E-gold system are like the Earth without air. However, online scammers know this too and prefer this e-currency too.

Do not remember, the E-gold fraudsters sleep only with one closed eye and you can be their next victim! My article can help you keep your money on the E-gold account and sleep with two closed eyes.

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