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Updated: 07/11/2005 19:22
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Steve, what is HYIP for you actually? - It's a way of life for me.

Hello, dear Steve. First of all let us greet you on behalf of our readers. Of course, one can hardly find a person in the investment world, who would know nothing about you, but... still we ask you to introduce yourself?
- Hello, and thank you for the nice words. My name is Steve and I'm one of the administrators of the hyipinvestment network.

Unfortunately, nobody knows you more than with your nick. Please, tell us who are you in the real life? Do you have family, children? If possible please tell- where do you live, how do you live?
- Actually I am 25 years old and live in Austria, but constantly travel between germany, Switzerland and Italy for business purposes. I have a "little" brother, 22 years old studying economics in Austria.

What's your hobby? Are you a gambling man?
- If you mean the hyip gamble then, Yes =) I like to invest an?d i invest a lot in opportunities that seem genuine to me.

Are investments your main job?
- A year ago i would have said no. The answer now is a clear YES.

Do you have many friends? Are they also constantly working on-line?
- Yes I actually got to know a lot of skilled people trough this business. I enjoy talking over icq while i work and learn about new things

Steve, how do you think, can money affect friendship? If it can - in what way? Can it destroy friendship?
- I have not made this experience but i do think money can change a person. That's why I'm glad ive found a partner like rainier running this business with me. We juggle the money as if it where apples between us :) An example:

Me: I owe you 400 bucks from the last check
He: keep it we get even later on
Me: Cool thx

Its obviously not always this way but you get the picture ;) no contracts, no business talk just friendship and easy talk.

Please, tell us how were you involved in the mysterious and intriguing world of virtual business? Was it always investments ONLY?
- I was involved in several online ventures before, including the adult entertainment business. I also runned several webshops including a perfume pheromone store :)

How was hyipinvestment originated? Tell us a couple of words about the team of this incredible project?
- I originally started out with jakob on this venture. We build up hyipinvestment as we saw the need for a toplist a little bit different that actually gives newbies a little bit more information about security and highlights the fact that the business IS shady. jake then left because he was feed up with the scene altough i still enjoyed it. Rainier took over his part and boy, I'm really glad he did. He's a good friend and a sharp businessman.

Hyipinvestment is a really important project on the HYIP arena. As the admin, would you please, tell us the story of developing the project, its main stages?
- We originally build it up as a resource for information and added the programs manually. We kept evolving, adding a newsletter, automated scripts to ease up the monitoring process, hired staff for maintenance (thank you Oleh), moderators for the forum (thx Loretta, Giz, Rabbit, Glenn , Airforcematt) and still keep evolving. We have some surprises for you in the future so stay tuned.

It would also be interesting for our readers to know your opinion about our resource?
- Best described as informative and valuable. The most important factor for newbies is information. The more the better. You provide a lot and you keep on expanding. If you stick to your formula you will reach a vast audience.

As a real professional, please, tell your opinion of the HYIP arena nowadays. What's the stage of its development? What trends are going to be the most remarkable in the nearest future? What should we expect? What programs, services may appear?
- Actually i feel like spotting a positive trend but that also reflects my personal growth in the area. The longer you stick to it, the better you will become as identifying scams from the start. The biggest trend right now goes towards autosurf programs while the cycler trend died down due to saturation of the markets. I think combinations between hyip and MLM will be a trendsetter for the future (plexpay leads the way here)

Steve, being one of the most famous persons in the high yield investment sphere should certainly know the secrets of success? :) Will you share some of them with us?

- You need to stick to forums and make relationships with a lot of people to stay up to date what's new. I have not much time to post in our own forum but i do read alot and keep myself updated.

What is HYIP for you actually?
- It's a way of life for me. Letting the money work instead of working myself ... keeping myself free to enjoy life to the fullest :)

Let us into a great secret... Do you invest in HYIP? :)
- Of course i do .. the top programs on Ive invested alot there but also play some gold "games" here and there :)

We have already asked Brian, TalkGold admin, he turned out to be scammed as well! How about you? Have you ever been scammed?
- The biggest scam i ever fell for was novalights. It was considered one of the best programs back then, running for over a year. The community was great and peopel already planned on buying an island building a member resort on it.. it folded after a big DDoS attack

What are you working at on-line now? Are you planning to create another great project?
- I'm currently working together with rainier on several projects. Its a secret for now but you will see additions to our network soon ;)

As usually in the end of our interview you may tell anything you want to the readers of ours. Of course it can be a farewell to them, though we'd like to know something about you as a person, that's why we leave this field for your free thoughts, concerning HYIP, life, your job...
- I would like to use this field to give an advice to newbies: Never give up! Regardless of all the negativity and the scams lurking around, there IS money to be made in the hyip area and lots of it.. Prepare yourself to loose, because you will to 90% but you will get better. When i started out i made a system on paper... guess what? it failed miserably.. But i got back on my toes kept diversifying and eventually the few reliable programs made my losses back 10 fold due to the compounding factor.

Steve, thanks a lot for finding time for us and answered our questions. Hope it was interesting for you. On behalf of the readers of ours we thank you for the communication. Good luck and best wishes!
- Thank you for the interview.

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