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Updated: 01/23/2005 00:49
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Lots of customers, especially beginners, ask a question very often, concerning the sources of information. In our practice we have chosen the priority - creating the most collective, detailed picture of what is going on the HYIP market. In such a way so that investor didn't have to visit dozens of resources, roughly speaking, in search of true and on-line (sometimes analytical) information.

During Internet investigation in order to find any information about HYIP, the following groups "according to interests" of different search engines hit upon the field of our vision: Google, MSN, Yahoo! etc. Well try to tell about some of them in other issues. Today we decided to share experience in the detailed YAHOO! groups investigation! You can draw useful information from them.

If You are not acquainted with these groups, well tell You in a few words about them. If You are aware of them - our advice it to skip the introductory paragraph, and proceed to the article itself. In general, group - is joining up of people, linked with the e-mail addresses, in one place. Each group has its own "page", containing information about the participants, the summary of the group itself; there is a panel for publishing messages, as well as for managing Your membership. Anyone can create his own group. But not everyone can enter it. Sometimes You need to be "tested" be moderator to join the group. But its uncommon per se. Practically every group initiator longs for the group to be numerous - otherwise it makes no sense. The e-mail address - is, at the same time, Your permit to the group, Your login and means of communication.

The thing is that group unites people, communicating via e-mail. That is, if there is a special script for entering, showing and storing information on forum, then, to publish the message in the group, any authorized user is enough to send a message from his mailbox to the group address. Besides, now there are special fields for entering, directly on the group page, functioning as a blank for creating letter, the same as in Your mailbox, nothing more. Accordingly, messages are sent to Your mailbox from other group mates in the same way. You have optional opportunity to decline this "service", however it will deprive Your membership in group of convenience. You will have to enter the page every time and read Your messages. Having this option on, You will receive all the messages, written by the members, and, by request, will receive digests, containing the messages for a certain period or in a certain quantity. Theoretically that is all. Now lets proceed to the subject of our investigation itself.

Providing information to our readers we dont only try to specialize on HYIP, but to trace common investment tendencies as well, which is extremely important, in our point of view. Thats why not HYIP solely is in the field of our investigation, the investments as a whole. We decided to expound this information as well, hoping that it will be in use for You. So, lets start. In the upshot of our request to select "investments-HYIP", the search engine gave us about 300 groups and, being patient and attentive, we started our investigation (in other words, we set out in search of useful sources of information for our readers :).

The first thing we noticed - popularity. It varied from transcendental ones (about 2000 members in a group) to low popular ones (less than 5 members in a group). The second - name. Its worth mentioning that major part of Yahoo groups, according to our observations, are created by program admins. First of all - to popularize their own programs. Therefore, the name of this group "accidentally" coincides with the name of the HYIP itself. The rest have such a native abbreviation for every investor HYIP or the root "invest". They can be both very short and clear ("HYIP"), and very long ("HYI_more_than_6months_operation ").

There, on the first of every group one can find information, concerning when and where the members of the group left the messages. Frequently happens that the dates of last messages on the calendar are of the year 2002 or 2003. The only useful information, one can get from these groups is that HYIP is eternal - nothing will come of those having figures 1 and 2 only for a certain period of time (usually "calendars" are divided into months and years and there is a number of messages in every cell). Nevertheless, not numerous groups seemed to be of little information and useless, so they remained to be "out of work" as well.

And popular and "active" groups attract people just like honey attracts bees. Somebody enters, and sees that group is alive, lots of members, and people write something. A person publishes his message. The next one comes across the message of the previous one and so on according to the principle of a snowball. Why groups "die" - remains to be mystery for us. In the theory, as time goes by, any popular group gets to be more and more populous and "transient". Among these groups namely we investigated the informative content.

First - commercial. Commercial, commercial, commercial. YAHOO! groups would never avoid such a miracle of mankind. And they didnt. Almost 70% of the groups under investigation were full of advertising message. Can You imagine the posts stream (about 75/day), containing exclusively information, regarding new super-profitable offers. Of course, its an evident drawback, though - perhaps not so evident, thats why lets talk peculiarly of the informational benefit.

The evident advantage, following our first conclusion - FREE commercial. Lots of admins first of all send their information to groups. But - since theres TOO much of it, its benefit is doubtful. Thats why despite attractiveness, our advice - dont seek for easy ways. At best, the name of Your program will be noticed. However, not everyone is going to promote himself. What is the sense to receive messages like that if You can draw much more qualified information from the monitoring sites or again just to ask Invest Navigator? Its easy. Signing up to a YAHOO! group on HYIP, You will receive the trustworthiest information about market tendencies daily. Of course, its also too doubtful, and not always clear, though we monitor messages like that to extract information about common development. You can see the basic features; sometimes they prompt taking important decisions.

The second - discussion. If there are really active members in a group, not those, who signed up "accidentally", then practically 100 times of possible 100, there is a guarantee for every message to be discussed thoroughly. And, in the first type of groups (see above) things like that are almost impossible. The commercial stream is huge, nothing more. In this case people analyze and forward information. Here You can really find reflection of clear opinions. However, dont forget - moderators are also present in this type of groups. But they rarely show themselves. Otherwise, one would have to live at PC, watching the messages. Click on "publish" and message is sent to members, agreed to reading this information, members, who signed up to receiving this information, that is - targeted members.

The third - information itself. What can we say about the information itself? On the one hand, information is the same everywhere. On forums, in chats, in mailings. YAHOO! groups are almost the same, taking this in to account. There is a specific tolerance spirit, present in thee groups and making them "special". Here, You dont have to visit a certain page of the certain forum. The messages are constantly arriving in a stream-like manner, it makes them exclusive in a way. Its not worth saying that secrecy is here. Not at all! Internet - is a rather free space and nobody prevents, for example, us from publishing our true, sometimes unpleasant to many people articles. But it is we who publishes our articles, and being in groups, You may create Your own "information flow". And this is definitely, huge advantage!

So, now one of the methods of gathering information is on hand. You can try it, creating for Yourself. Further on well try to turn back to this topic, investigating other sources. That is all for today!

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