Investors Are Silent Beings?

Updated: 07/01/2005 19:15
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In the previous issue of our e-zine we talked that interactive sphere is very important for investors, as the source of on-line and unbiased information from the colleagues. But, except forums there is another solution, created by the Internet - this is CHAT. Chat per se is a sequence of internet-conference, and later on chat-programs appeared.

But, it's not important though. More important is that you can hardly make investor to visit chat. :) And so, we have... despite active attention towards these internet-conferences (which are simply called "forums" now), there's no one in the chats... do the chats exist actually? We'll discuss this topic.

Chats exist. Chats existed. And possibly they will exist. But whether there are investors there. Today there are two most active chats. One is located on TalkGold, another must have been initiated on HYIP Navigator, though it doesn't exist in the English-speaking version so far. There was the third chat on Gold-horizons, though it didn't last long. Actually, there are no more analogues to the chats, where investors can talk in the real-time mode. Why? That's because investor - is a silent being.

Why? There are several theories on this account. Investor - is too busy for chats. Of course, sometimes it's simply impossible to sit at PC for a long time and stare at monitor. More habitual is to earn money, operate with these funds, and if a person is a trader, then chat may look more like monkey tricks.

Let's try to draw the chat for investors if we have no any opportunity to head for a real chat. What is the talk about and what is the form of it? I guess the talk is about ways of investing money. As a matter of principle it may look like an ordinary talk on the forum, you just have to post information on-line, and it will immediately "go up". But investors appear on forums in the different time, so that everyone could see your post, you need to "fix" it somewhere, and forums allows that.

However, guys from TalkGold tried to mix up chat and forum, that's what they have:, doesn't seem economically enough. Here you can see that all investors mostly say "hi!" to each other, that's it. It shouldn't be like that. To be exact, such communication makes no sense. There were attempts to send scam warnings, though the message seen by two persons only makes no sense at all.

Chat is dying. But on the other hand, imagine - there's the audience of 200 people in front of you, is it possible to start discussing investment world on-line. I guess it's not. It can be called the investors' phenomenon or their laziness, whatever you may call it, but looks like it won't happen. Judge for yourself, TalkGold, visited by 7 000 people a day, has maximum chances to launch really working chat, but... they can't so far.

To all appearances, no one is interested. Gold-horizons had interesting opportunities to realize this idea as well, nevertheless, all the developments stopped and their chat was closed. Hence, reverse scenario is also possible, we'll see what will TalkGold achieve?

For sure (I guess) there were times, when forum did not attract investors as well. It wasn't attractive for investors to spend their time there. Now practically no one can manage without searching for actual information in these experience' storages. We believe, the future of chat as the means of communication is similar to forum.

Anyway, let's hope chat has its own future. Because, reasoning from direct needs in getting topical information, it's always interesting to get it in the form of "natural", let's say discussion. If it's the interview, then it's a real time interview, with real audience, with real participants.

Reasoning from all, mentioned above, one might assume that you will hardly communicate in the chat for investors in the nearest time. We can even say that chat for investors - is the unnecessary monkey tricks, which most likely most likely won't ever be generally recognized in these sphere of people. However, experienced investors rarely think about these questions, but newbies... especially young men, interested in investments, will definitely ask this question. Hope, we could give answer to it.

Good luck.

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