Probability Theory in HYIP

Updated: 08/01/2005 07:16
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probability theory in hyip
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Many investors ask me: "How can you figure on victory, fighting against scam, if it's the CASE prerogative?" :)

- What fighting are we talking about,

- I reply, - if you don't invest? This is one. Speaking about chance, here it's enough to have clever and well thought-out strategy, where chance, luck will not be taken into consideration.

We can rely upon MATHEMATICS, upon the probability theory, proven in the previous century! :)

Indeed - mathematics is a great humans' achievement, allowing him defining clearly the laws, rules, breaking down the whole into parts. Well, possibly these are the main achievements of this science, achievements we use in our everyday life. And all the number, surrounding us - is just a consequence of the data from philosophic fundamental principles.

So, what is the connection of probability theory with our talk? The connection is that very often, forgetting about these principles, investors lose a lot. Would you like to know why you could lose, without taking the probability theory into account? Keep up listening.

Of course nobody will tell you that it's a "cure-all", though on the basis of these knowledge you can achieve many things. This is the unique key to form strategies, to work out tactics and... earn money. :)

So, let's stop that milk and water and proceed to the world of mathematics. I'm not going to burden you with formulas and calculations; it's too difficult for the untrained listener, though literary basis will let you doing it independently.

So, what is the probability theory? The probability theory - is a mathematical science that studies mass random phenomena patterns. It's called "the event". The random event (or simply event) is a phenomenon, which may or may not happen subject to realization of a certain aggregate of the conditions.

The probability theory deals with the events that happen everywhere. It means that this combination of conditions can be repeated limitless number of times. Every realization of the combination given is called test (experience).

Remember this word "experience". As for me experience is the key point in investing. :) For instance if the test is investing to HYIP, then getting onto scam is - event. If the test is rolling the dice with the figures (points) on its sides from 1 to 6, then getting 5 is the event.

Well, we are investors and what can we draw out of here? We can draw out a couple of unwritten rules one should stick to. According to the probability theory, we have the following situation. If you flip a coin 1000 times, then, according to the probability theory total amount of the heads flipped is going to be 500 times.

If you flip 2000 times, then - 1000. On average. We don't give you the exact results of the exact tests, though they are like that approximately. And probability is always somewhere on the mark of 0.5! However, the more tests you have, the less is the probability.

Here is the probability theory. I.e. if we invest money to all program in a row, sooner or later we will achieve success, cause sooner or later the number of "hits" to really working programs will be much more than investing to those, which are trying to scam you.

Let's think, what results from this? It results from this that you simply need to have more tests. If you invest to program regularly, you will receive profit regularly as well in the result of... the probability theory.

The most important here is that every investor should create tests regularly and constantly. No matter how paradoxically it may seem, but constant investing and regularity, as well as the mass character are the guarantee for success.

Sometimes newbie investors invest from time to time, when they like, or when the situation in their wallets is Ok for investing. But primordially it's a losing strategy. If you shoot occasionally you can miss every time, but if you shoot regularly, the probability PRACTIC will work for you!

Isn't that great? You just try! Think it over before investing, and I'm sure you will succeed!
Now when people ask me how do I think to defeat scam, I simply say, scam can be avoided. You just need to pass it by, and it's no so hard, if you arm with EXPERIENCE and elementary mathematics.

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