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Updated: 01/06/2015 14:38
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Good Day! Happy New Year to all! The first article and update on the HYIPNews portal will be the review of the HYIP called Poker Automatics. The project has been listed at HYIPNews for 138 days. It is definitely worth investors' attention due to well developed investment programming complex, offering to make investments and earn passive income in poker rooms and online casinos. The project is currently on TOP Choice of HYIPNews listing and by now it has performed with flying colors. Obviously the admin has done great job on taking all aspects into account, so let's get into details about Poker Automatics.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

Speaking about interior part of the website, the design is 100% unique composed in soft colors. All elements are well designed and don't like template ones. The Poker Automatics provides five language localizations: English, Russian, Spanish, German and Indonesian. As for the template, it is unique, as i have mentioned earlier and lets creating double menu allocating full information on the pages of the website. The navigation is rather simple. All basic section are there in the header part of the website.

The main page includes links to Video Presentation of the project, FAQ page, which is rather informative, links to the pages of Poker Automatics in social networks. The block with the latest news is also there on the main page as well. All in all since the very first minutes one has impression of a professionally made product. The websites like that are not created within a short time. Even taking the first look it is clear, the admin has referred serious and professional programmers, specialists in IT psychology and ergonomics. Everything is made as it should be, close to ideal. The approach like that may be a good sign for the long lifetime of the project.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

Poker Automatics offers flexible interest rate on fixed deposits. The investors earnings depend on the deposit amount, the higher it is the more earnings are. Investigating the investment plans in a more detailed way we can see 7 investment plans, varied in the deposit amount minimum required to join and the investment period of 1-6 months. The main principle of the investment plans is getting profits after depositing funds. Once funds are deposited, robots play online poker for you. Seems rather simple. Take a look at the picture below to see the details about the investment plans offered in Poker Automatics.

As for the referral program, the project offers three-level referral bonus program for normal members and representatives of the project. Here are the details about the bonus paid to active partners of the project:
For ordinary members:
5% of the profits of your 1st level partners
2% of the profits of your 2nd level partners
1% of the profit of your 3rd level partners

For Representatives:
10% of the profits of your 1st level partners
3% of the profits of your 2nd level partners
2% of the profits of your 3rd level partners

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

Naturally before being able to make deposits to Poker Automatics one should register for the account. To do that, click on the link "Create an Account", fill in the fields and click "Create an Account" button. Once the account is registered you are free to charge your account, after that to make your first deposit. Enter the member area to the "My Operations", click the button "Add Funds", choose the most appropriate payment system and follow the instructions on screen.

By the way, Poker Automatics currently accepts the following payment systems: Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer (BankWire, VISA/MC, QIWI, Liqpay, W1), EgoPay, SolidTrustPay, NixMoney, OKPAY, YandexMoney and bankwire. The choice is rather wide as you can see. And the main advantage is that most of accounts in payment systems provided are verified.

Depositing funds is processed instantly. As for deposits, it is manual and completed within 1-5 business days, more often is is done earlier, within 1-3 hours. The minimum amount available for withdrawal is $0.1. The minimum to deposit is $30.

4. Legend and Content!

First of all i want to mention both the texts on the main page and the FAQ page are 100% unique. Once again good for the owners, who took a serious approach towards running Poker Automatics. The start of the project was on August 18, 2014. As the legend says, though, it started in 2004. It's easy to say the project has been online for long.

In case with Poker Automatics, the launch was well-prepared and everything has been taken into account, starting from the domain name registration date, ending with posts in social networks and niche forums dated by earlier dates. Taking a look in the number of operations inside the script, we can see there are more than 300K of them. To conclude with that, it's not easy to tell for sure if the legend is true or fake.

The legend itself is also rather interesting. Let me quote some part of it below: "...About 8 years ago we started to develop private software for a poker game. Since then, we have being continuously testing and improving it.
Initially the test was performed offline using purchased databases of already played poker hands; then we tested Play Chips at various online poker rooms.
Since 2011, our bots are playing at online poker rooms for real money. First, there were micro stakes, but they gradually increased.
At the moment, our bots beat most online players at various stakes.

From 2011 to 2014 all client accounts in Poker Automatics has been maintained in manual mode.
All customer transactions have been carried out manually by operators after clients have called support.
In 2014 it was decided to automate these processes and expand Poker Automatics.
Each Poker Automatics client has its account balance (deposit + all profits from previous years) paid in full.
We've updated the site, created a new database, added new payment system, created an affiliate program and much more.

17 people from 6 different countries (United Kingdom, China, Spain, Russia, Germany and the U.S.) are working in Poker Automatics.
Software is developed by the team of five: 3 programmers and 2 analysts.
Other 12 people maintain system and monitor its work.
Those are Head, 3 managers of Finance Department, 5 managers of Technical Department and 3 managers of Marketing and Help Desk.

Currently, our bots can be found at various stakes of almost all well-known online poker rooms:
888 Poker, Revolution Gaming Network, PartyPoker, PokerStars, Microgaming Network, Winning Poker Network, Ongame Network, iPoker Network, Merge Gaming Network..."

So as the website says, the projects earns from poker online with the help of automatic systems, which give opportunity to play on several locations at once.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The support page of Poker Automatics provides the contact form for the fast and easy contact with the support of the project. Along with that there are six e-mails to contact various departments:
Customer Support: [email protected]
Financial Service: [email protected]
Marketing and Advertising: [email protected]
Affiliate Program: [email protected]
Lottery: [email protected]
Bonuses: [email protected]

Right below the e-mails there is a button to enter the Skype chat for instant support. The project is widely presented on listing sites. There are pages open in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, VK, Google+. The dedicated threads of the project are initiated on main forums, where the general facts about the project are discussed: launch of the project, its development, investment plans, referral program and income-related questions. The admin holds active banner campaign and orders reviews and interviews on lots of thematic websites, including the

6. Technical Aspect!

The SSL Certificate for is signed by EssentialSSL CA which is signed by COMODO Certification Authority which is signed by UTN - DATACorp SGC which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root which is signed by AddTrust External CA Root . The SSL Certificate will expire on Monday 24 June 2019 this means it is still valid for 1629 days. No Extended Validation is installed though.

The domain of the project has been registered in 2004 and active for 15 years. The domain registrar is Corp, not vulnerable for abuses. The website is hosted on the dedicated server with the AntiDDoS protection, enabled by Ddos-Guard. As for the script, Poker Automatics is run on a unique script from H-Script. The script is working like clockwork. No bugs detected, the pages are opened fast. Everything is composed in a proper way. The work of highly professional programmers is noticed here.

7. Special Features!

There are several special features enabled in the project. To be more exact, the website itself is something special. Though some features should be mentioned nevertheless. First of all the potential investors would be interested to know that Poker Automatics is holding weekly lottery among the members, who applied for getting the VIP status. VIP status allows getting affiliate income as Representatives do.

The most interesting thing about this project is the bonus credited to every new member's account right after completing the registration. $1000 are added to members' accounts, which is some sort of the demo account, using which one can take a ride and test the system by means of making a deposit and seee how the interests are credited. This money cannot be withdrawn, so it works only like a test-drive.

8. Conclusion!

The Poker Automatics project has been developed and designed in a very professional manner. The content is essential with no extra information, which is not needed at all. The project has been listed for nearly 200 days and keeps on growing. The payouts are processed in a timely manner. The interests of potential investors are absolutely considered in the project. The investment plans are stable, the choice of payment systems is large.

Bonus campaigns and lotteries expand the potential of the project in referring new members. The content is unique and interesting. To conclude with the review i would like to recommend investing assets more than average compared to other medium class projects. Poker Automatics is potentially a long-runner with serious development plan and advertising campaign development.

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