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Updated: 01/29/2006 19:48
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Each investor that deposits money in various programs earlier or later comes to the strict division of the programs into separate groups. The main distinction among them is the method of payment - this is fixed or non-fixed interest. Besides, the programs themselves die anyway, depending on the season and market conditions.
These are the market conditions, rather than the price of petroleum, that are the keys to understanding how many scam there will be this month or the next month, to my mind. That's why it's necessary for experienced and skillful investor to understand the factors that influence HYIP and to what degree they influence it.

At first, it's necessary to speak about the programs, that are mostly connected to the market, and, as the result – are the most honest – these are the programs that pay out various interests, or the programs that suggest products (units). The second case is clear – if the program is specialized in forex or oil, it releases "shares for contracts", that mean nothing more than a share in business, and, in turn, an interest in profits. I.e. they do the same, as the programs of the first category, but use another technology.

The programs of the first category (with non-fixed interests) pay the interests depending on the results of the work. There the main influence is defined by the factors that affect appropriate markets (currencies, options, metals), where the program is working. Often the programs place the diagrams of the currency costs, or of precious metals, without stating in their terms that they deal with these precious metals or currency auction. So it looks absurd.

Is it possible to forecast how this or that bounce influence your personal success? :) No. It is ridiculous. :) The terminal investors need to know how much oil their company has to understand what will be the results of the raise of oil costs. So this information is helpful only with the HYIPs that provide detailed info about all transactions and about tactics of its trading. These programs are rare, and here the theory of influence is evident for anyone – depending upon the situation.

What remains to the most investors, far from these cared and problems, reap the fruits of his labor or complaining for his problems? The best will be sitting calmly by the TV set , just because this very sphere of investing was designed specially for your patience. :)

If you haven't made a deposit yet, and if you're not a new investor, and you are going to make a deposit – additional deposit on this occasion, the theory of influence will be meaningful for you, because the next time you may try to predict the term of living you may count on, predict what you are to wait from the market and just somehow predict the situation generally.

So, let's go to the subject. The majority of the programs of HYIP (exactly those that deal with investments, but not the other, that deal with something more, even if they are high-profit organizations) are pyramids. This is not a secret, and all of you know it. So the key element of those that influence the market is the investors' activity – in other words, holidays, seasonal factors and other tendencies.

As far as the holidays are concerned, here all of you are aware of it, I guess. Everyone scares away by the New Year, and comeback after this holiday, but mostly don't overdue post-new year poverty. Besides, the season of discounts and sales starts in Europe in February (the end of winter, post-new year discounts designed to oppose the decay of consumer activity), so there is no much money in the Internet, and the programs hardly make both ends meet. But those that don't risk high interests, easily go through this season, and then make a fortune, especially in spring.

In this period it is possible to forecast the decay of the programs that survived during the New Year, and a good profit from just appeared programs. They, as a rule, won't escape at once, and it's possible to make money, being skillful and fast.

Seasonal processes have the same influence. For instance, summer, when the most investors lie on the beach, outdoors and far from PC. So it is hard to say here can the popularity of investing be compared to winter, when all investors are scared with the possibility to lose the money.

Some events that are connected to the Internet may affect HYIP as well. If the raise of petroleum costs means almost nothing to everyone and the maximum of gold as well, some powerful virus, or a tendency that breaks the functioning of the net, will do. But this concerns only global events that can be noticed by a naked eye.

This is all, strange though it may seem. :) as you see, we spoke mostly of what doesn't influence, rather than of what influences, and this is more important, because now you know that some tragic events in the USA, oil crisis, or some other events of the world are of less importance for HYIP that exist on the opposite side of the monitor. In order to predict their future you need at first to look to the investors and their tendencies of virtual living. ;) Then you will succeed…

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