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Updated: 10/20/2005 20:23
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Dear God! We finally reached it. :) Are all the deposits safe? Are they growing and bringing profit? Of course not... there`s always place for losses. It happens, it really happens. Though if the losses as regards to profit are less than 25%, you will probably be in profit. So, don't fall in despair.

The important thing for you is not avoiding losses, the important is to make them less than 25%, and this is not so hard. You don`t believe it? Stay with us. :) Now I`ll try to answer your frequently asked questions and hope I will hit the bull's eye.

Well, of course after the famous programs that offered high income, there`s the name of comparatively young DMA-Im, that seemed rather reliable to many experienced investors so that to give high possibility of getting profit.

Among the old and proved ones BestSafeInvest looks especially well, they are not working in a workmanlike manner and successively now, they have also undertaken some public moves, that can`t save us from being glad. Such openness always leads to positive changes and we hope we won`t have to wait for these changes for a very long time.

The program Pack Investment Inc gives confidence, and despite ignoring several messages of ours, according to the common market assessment, it should be added to the recommended ones. Actually what we are doing. Hope that in the next issue we will mention this name again.

United Investment Solutions (UIS) showed themselves well enough, the number of their friends and admirers increased as well as interactive (our forum popularity) and other moves that give hopes to positive cooperation.

MX Investment and iDann look stable and confidently. Next time they will probably be where they are now - with the high quality growth and work in all the spheres. No claims, stable work, investors` trust will certainly be a guarantee of such a stable work next month.

And of course FastMarket, that gladdens as usually. This time they launched active PR campaign and there are lots of talks about them, both in mass media and in the interactive mode - on their forum. Such a turn can only strengthen the confidence in the company, all investors have related them to the titans of the market long time ago, the same as FXIG, FF and others, it`s somehow inconveniently to mention them along with different HYIP. :)
The same is about Oceanic Financial ? VAOL.

Another ``cleanup`` of the greatest took place. Who is next? Of course I-stra is not great, though it had already managed to show troubles in its work. The rest will be without blame. Speaking about their chance to go offline - means just to blow up their work. There are no facts, proving that and actually there are also no particular suspicions on this account as well.

Looks like due to e-gold troubles and common tendencies, we are going to describe below, it`s not worth investing to young programs, if you are not a gambling man of course. Too much risk. Though at the same time there`s a big opportunity to snatch a large sum. Some programs, promising up to 30% daily are paying dashingly.

It really gladdens. It makes gambling men feel happy, and the stable ones join programs that proved themselves on the market long time ago. For such people we advice to stick to this tactics, cause now experiments are dangerous as never before.
Old Fund has collapsed too unexpectedly and if it renews, don`t deal with them without any explanations.

HYIP is full of new events recently. Now one thing, then another disturbs investors and makes them rush about fm one side to another. Now Paxmix gives a surprise, then e-gold is out of access. All this couldn`t help telling upon investors` confidence.

And... in the nearest time it should lead to the splash of ponzi going down, as well as those programs, depending directly on the investors` deposits. And of course it`s not a very good news, especially since e-gold causes many troubles in itself. Yes, absolutely, because of these troubles some programs have been deprived of financing and as the result they can`t exist.

Moreover, we have already told that investors` confidence will be much more significant than the previous period and those who will survive will hardly get so necessary investments in the nearest weeks. So, we don`t have to wait for easy times to come.

Besides, someone has obviously lost the sources of the goldcoders scripts on the web, as the result of it, more than 10 programs with extremely low quality, extremely far away from the reality that have no right at all to exist appear online. Pure scam. So, be on your guard. By the way, maybe it`s not a loss of the scripts, someone has seriously decided to flood the market with low quality programs with the purpose of getting fast profits. Anything may happen.

Relationships with the so-called ``voters`` have become too tense recently. These voters vote and fraud while voting. Both positive and negative. Blackmail, graft - these words are constantly present in their everyday life and many programs reported that they have received such mails. So, check your votes twice. :)
That`s actually all, from what can be seen today. See you in one month.

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