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Updated: 06/07/2006 13:16
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If we say you that you will find the regulations of the HYIP world in this article, we'd lie. Such thing a "different opinions" exists in HYIP world, and scientists may call it differently, but it means that various people and various investors may have different viewpoint on the same thing. Besides, people often stay on the opposite sides of a barricade.

And each of them doesn't see another one. That's why each time a new figure appears, a new succession of events develops, and this process is infinite, but there is a range of points that sound like axiom. Hardly any person, including newbies or veterans will deny that knowledge of these rules will make your path in HYIP easier. That's why we decided to list them.

NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. If these three words are axiom for the whole world, it doesn't mean that they may not have a DOUBLE force for HYIP. This is easy - just depending upon the circumstances of HYIP existence. Pyramid, or not a pyramid, any kind of business has its finite limit. Fortunately, this limit may be positive, when someone received something. This finite limit may just change and accept some other form (for instance, become private). But here nothing REALLY lasts forever.

When people say "nothing lasts forever", meaning something earthy, they probably understand that something in this world, for instance, the world itself, is so infinite, that most people won't see its end. The situation with HYIP is quite different. The programs end so totally, that everything will be very difficult for you unless you understand this rule.

The LAST MEANS A LOSER. Believe me, we don't want to disappoint you and say that everybody here is SCAMMER. Some of they are just losers :) Some of them just are not able to handle what they started to handle. These are TERMS. And a strict rule derives from these terms: if you're the last you will most probably lose. These rules may be differently understood. For instance, if you didn't bring anyone, you'd lose.

The way out of the situation is evident as we see. How one may see that he is the last? Easily - just watch. Watch the market and you will see of someone came after you.

WARNED MEANS ARMED. Information is a key figure in the market. You are not able to doanything without information. Accordingly, each respected and devotedly playing investor should understand that information is to be chased after, it should be watched, and it is necessary to know it. Who loses, who wins, who is followed, where people go.

Who is popular, who is a loser - you should know it all. You SHOULD if you want to be successful. This is a market rule. Unfortunately, only lucky guys may receive profit, just investing in any program. We insist that easiness of moneymaking here is seeming, and you should WORK to receive profit. How to work? Work on information, in particular. This is up to you to choose the form, news sites etc. This is your field to plow DAILY. Don't you want to do it? Well, you may do it, but you violate HYIP rule.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Do you know that only those investors earn well, that are experienced? Not because they are respected and given money. Not because administrator don't steal money from them because of respect? Don't you think so? :) Surely, not because of this. Believe me, these people make money. Because it is possible. How one can become such person? No, you don't need any special initiation or acts, that may spoil your reputation.

It is simpler. :) You should LEARN. You should synthesize, analyze, think over the information you receive from us above, and make it perfect - your experience, rather then just look it through. Besides, don't forget that even wasted money are not wasted in vain - this is a lesson. So get your lesson, thus you will become EXPERIENCED, a person with knowledge. Ask, specify, remember and LEARN, and you will finally understand this rule ;)

PEOPLE ARE ENEMIES. Internet is almost anonymous, regardless of what experienced people say. And it is long before you have a possibility to see someone as you see people in a real life. And too much is hidden on the opposite side of your monitor, it is enough to hide an elephant. And even more. It means that this elephant may be hostile and friendly as well. Although you see support offer on the forum, somewhere a guileful plan is worked out.

Shoudn't you protect yourself? Shouldn't you assume that all people around may be administrators of the program, competitor or someone like this - envious person, criminal etc. Why not remember this rule and mind it when you asked about something, when someone threatens you or tries to become your friend?

PEOPLE ARE FRIENDS. But this is because each forum is interesting and each investor is useful. Everybody may be turned into a helper, accomplice and intelligencer. You just should be skillful enough. Don't regard each person you see on the forum as an enemy. This is not correct. Don't forget that this may be a wolf in sheep's clothing, but don't beat everybody.

Of course, you have something to add. Each of you thinks over his own rules, listed in the head that lead you to success. We have listed those that are necessary for existence and success. If you want to add something, we are open for communication, write us ;) and keep the rules. Or just play with them, evade them!

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