2006 Spring Strategies. Sequel

Updated: 07/28/2006 05:46
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As we have promised in our previous article devoted to strategies, we cannot describe you the whole range of moneymaking means offered by investors this summer in one article.

All the more, the summer is not over, and new strategies go on appearing on forums. Those strategies obtain a real popularity, and accordingly, are worth our attention. Thus, this article will continue speaking of summer strategies.

Investors are still trying to found a possibility to invest in Ponzi in such a way as to have their profit, despite the fact that this is scam. Scam in principle. May it be a mistake? Many administrators don't hide that their intentions are not serious. How one may be serious stating that you will obtain 500% in a day? It's absurd. So there's only one small thing needed.

I mean correct investing. And here a range of strategies appeared. Some of them lead to success, some of them not, and nothing can be said for sure. There's no any universal approach, and having discussed strategies on one of the forums, investors concluded that just HYIP space itself is changing so fast that those methods that were effective yesterday, wouldn't be effective today. This opinion is right, and this is a useful lesson.

Investing schemes together with the question how to find good programs was a point of discussion on a few forums at once. It looks like the problem of investment organization is moving to another aspect. To put it differently, it moved to this summer, because during this season programs are less numerous, compared to other time of the year, and it may appear that this crisis is temporary. But it is evident and sometimes investors do not find the number of programs enough to choose from. That's the strategy.

One of investors asked what he could do with his money, just $19.88. And another investor (Aquilae) gave him the following answer:

1. Run away from HYIP
2. Save your money
3. Read forums to gain knowledge.
4. Set up your strategy.
5. Invest in real programmes.

Of course, this is not a succession of actions, it's rather a list of variants, but there's some truth in it. This strategy is good and correct, especially if one will follow the first advice. But on the other side, if the author wanted to say that money shouldn't be used AT PRESENT, he was right.

An interesting strategy was offered by dengkane: 1.Only use money you afford to lose, 2.Choose top reliable programs and investigate them, 3.Only invest 10% of your money into the best program you think, 4.Wait back the 10% and choose another best program and invest again, always keep 90% of all capital as reserve.

But the last point seemed many investors to be doubtful. Why so small? This profit is too low. In general, this sum is really a little too small, because its correlation with a reserve is unreasonable. As for the profit, if you have $10 000, profit will be significant.

At last I want to show you a strategy that occurred among top discussions occasionally. Someone posted in the last topic, so it appeared on the top. But the content of the message is quite instructive, so I cannot but mention it. Here it is: ?"Since I entered the Hyip world 5 months ago, all of the programs that I joined: E-profitarea, Impex, Phoenix Trade, TradeInvest, Storage Fund and PrimeFund, all but one have disappeared!

I lost money with Impex and E-Profitarea and made a little from the others. However, the ONE that is still going strong and never ceases to amaze me is PrimeFund. It is unbelievable how well they handle problems and their AWESOME communication! I am in profit with these guys and LOVIN EVERY MINUTE OF IT. I have no doubt that they will still be going strong many months down the road!! Don't miss out guys! I'm tellin' ya.....?"

The date of publication is: 06-03-2005. Who remembers PrimeFund now? What is it thought about? There you are. Be careful and don't be rash. All strategies are relative and none of them is universal. Use them to develop.

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