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Updated: 08/14/2006 05:06
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The summer of 2006 brought into HYIP a noticeable free space in a form of supply lack and life dying down. While some time ago so many events happened each day, making it difficult to keep an eye, now one should seek fro information to understand if something goes on anywhere... the same refers to the program. Some monitorings are off for redesign, for a period of quietness. Accordingly, programs' supply is poor. But we will try to share our opinion with you.

A few serious programs that appeared at the beginning of the summer demonstrated quite a stable work, having worked within this summer, and they go on working now. There are a few programs among them that are working for a longer period, having appeared at the beginning of this year. Of course, each of these programs may appear on the very brink at the nearest future. But when there's no choice, the best programs are the only variant to invest. And the following programs are the best.

A famous pool KaOnline and Forex United occupy top position - these programs are moving forward regardless of the circumstances. Moreover, they are quite active. Administrator of the former one, Behgamin G. Navvaro, can often be seen on the forums, and the latter regularly publishes information newsletters describing their work, so anyone may see how they live, bringing on average 10% weekly. As experience shows, this strategy is very successful.

Such "fresh" programs as TreeTopInvest, Alph Finance, Mosaic Finance also seem to be ambitious, but they are too fresh to join the group of "middle-aged", which is the most appropriate for investing. We suppose, some time of active functioning, a stable and quality support service, absence of delays may allow considering them to be the most appropriate programs for depositing.

And the reverse of the medal is represented by veterans - Simple Fund, Invest Manager, Money Maker Hyip - these are the most stable programs at the market. However, this may appear to be a drawback, because not all the programs are able to keep up such stable and long work for long. so such programs may be referred to "for a special taste" group. If you prefer investing into stable programs, that have been working at the market for long, you may deal with them, but if you are afraid of old programs, you won't probably wish to get in.

Autosurfing market has seemed to be quite quiet recently. And we ascertain this quietness taking into account that it is summer now. This sphere of moneymaking must have a difficult period due to strict distribution into quality and non-quality programs. A huge amount of bad autosurfs aroused fear, which scares investors away from this sphere. And many quality, stable and good programs have gone from the market, and the ash hasn't already fell down after this decay.

There are no such programs as 12Daily PRO and Studio Traffic, so it is not easy to invest in autosurfings now. And very few people really do it. So we recommend you to be more attentive here, because in case the program has few investors, there will be no demand for its service of traffic exchange. And they won't be able to work. Pay attention to these parameters.

As for HYIP, we have just buried SI, and it seems symbolic. Such programs as Ralf Finance get negative votes, and investors treat many other programs skeptically. Even HYIP Timing received its warnings. But it is quite difficult to check out such info, especially in summer, when investors do not spend much time by their PC, making deposits.

I suppose that this section of our article is quite predictable. We will naturally say that summer is a period of stagnation. And these words should be said. And once again. And again. In fact, this summer significantly influenced general market work tendencies.

Of course, it cannot be regarded as a bad sign. This is a regularity, and arguing against it is senceless, as arguing against moon cycle. Thus we have a crazy circulation in winter, and we have silence in summer, although this summer happened to be bright and definite.

August will probably be quite. August must be the most active vacation period, so don't expect many new programs and significant events. But it is also evident that the situation will change for better by the beginning of September, and you will see new programs, attractive offers and interesting variants.

You probably shouldn't expect that many of those programs that are functioning now will stop working - those who should have done it, and those who were not able to survive in summer, are gone now. So we expect that general decay will be evident in this aspect as well.

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