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Updated: 08/11/2005 18:03
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So-called auto surfing programs have enjoyed wide popularity lately. Though many people burnt their fingers with them and we have to acknowledge, the fame of these programs is blackened now with the actual state of affairs scammers try feather their nest on their popularity. That`s why our article is called like that. Besides, auto surfing is one of the most interesting investment tools, which really provides high yield at a comparatively low risk, and every newbie should know what it is like.

Of course we'll start from the very beginning. Auto surfing programs appeared at the same time with HYIP, and were created at the turn of high yield investment programs and surfing programs. The sense is that you look through the advertisers' pages, receiving money for that. In such a way you drive traffic to a site, and its popularity is increased (that's the origin of the word traffic, which is now so widely used in the names of programs).

But such programs had too many drawbacks. And the first one is very small income, received by a surfer. One could get not more than 0.01 cent! Of course, sometimes this amount increased, but mostly it remained on a low level. So, automatic surfings appeared. They lightened the work of a surfer.

Now he didn't have to sit at computer, pressing buttons. It was just enough to turn on the program, and the number of programs needed would be scanned independently. So, the advertiser's task was completed: traffic increased, and it became much easier for a surfer, surfing became more popular.

Though, the intellects of the investment part of the mankind advanced beyond, combining HYIP and surfing, as we have already mentioned (I mean auto surfing). As you understand, there remained only one drawback in the upshot low earnings rate, offered by surfings. Try as one might, even with several programs, this business effectiveness has always been very low. You need either the specialized software, or a quantity of programs that imply good Internet and enough traffic reserve you DON'T HAVE TO pay for. And so another offer appeared: you receive MUCH more profit, let's say 10% of your deposit within a certain period of time, but accordingly you will have to deposit some amount to the program. What would you say?

Actually it's really profitable. The point is that you really gain high rate from your money. Guarantee of that is meeting your requirements to program page scan. Auto scan. Of course you may choose FREE package, allowing getting back to the initial variant, I mean getting income from the direct page scan. At the same time you should realize you would return to the primary earnings level, you received right after the start of such programs. Moreover, some programs don't even allow MAKING MONEY just as it is.

So, let's look into the main terms. As you have already realized, in every auto surfing program you are offered to use two types of programs at your choice free and not free. Free program you enter, signup and use it; and not free program you buy via so-called upgrade package, which is enough for a certain period of time, getting interests for it. The following variants are here: package size, its period of validity, and number of possible packages. Then there's such a notion as ratio, in other words it can be called differently in a way, though it means number of pages, needed to receive one credit.

The factor, which is not less important in the work of this program, is getting additional bonuses for banners' and other info look-up. You should pay attention to the way pages are displayed.

It often happens that investor deposits money to such a program, and later on he discovers that the sites are loaded slowly, their number is not enough during one day, so one should wait and nothing more all this makes up a program's evaluation. Good programs shouldn't have claims concerning the clauses mentioned above.

What is going on inside the program? You surf the pages, bring profit to the program from traffic sale to the advertisers. Though, if you only surf several pages a day, you will hardly drive the traffic needed for the programs to recompense amounts they promise. So, your income source is your money.

The program does the following with it: either it deposits your money to some other investment programs, or gives to the next one that goes lower right, it's like a pyramid. Don't be amazed please, we promised to tell you the truth, and you should know it.

That's why we are here. To tell you the truth, and you should know, what these programs do. No matter how astonishing it might be but just like ordinary HYIP, they PAY, and that's what we need to get our profit, if we are not talking about simple scammers here.

Now let's talk about scams. Indeed, after the customers realized that it's really profitable and really POSSIBLE, such programs gained enormous popularity, which in its turn attracted lots of investors and scammers! 4Daily, PaidSurfing Top Gun Traffic here is the incomplete list of recently noted collapses.

Now everyone is talking about Studio Traffic, looks like one of the most popular and famous programs is also on the edge of failure. The same talks are about 12Daily, offering fantastic percent, and still paying it, strange though. What's the reason of such noted collapses or scams you may call it as you wish?

Most likely program was a scammer from the very start and was just using the name auto surfer as a cover, cause it doesn't deserve trust. Though, it's also possible that it became hard to pay out interests because of clients' missing, or due to wrong marketing.

Anyway, this-size auto surfing seems to approach usual HYIP in its positioning: all of them are scammers, they will shut down sooner or later, but so far you can make money with them.

This state is based upon a simple conclusion neither your traffic, nor your money, may bring such a profit that would provide paying so high interests. What is auto surfing then? There it is. :) Actually, it's rather obscure investment structure, called as a scam by experienced customers.

But if we call like that only programs that steal your money then auto surfing can't be called like that BY DEFINITION. Because it's POSSIBLE to earn here. And if you don't make mistakes while choosing, you may earn GOOD money. You just need to make the right program choice.

Ladies and gentlemen, the rules here are the same as the rules for choosing a simple HYIP. To finish with, I'd like to quote the words of one famous investor (Tyler), saying the following concerning auto surfing: It is quite apparent now that Paid Surfing programs that pay more than 1% per day can't even sustain themselves for more than 3 and a half months!!!

The only reason that 4Daily did so well is that they were the first to offer more than 1%. So, think and venture. We wish you good traffic.

David Lowery.

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