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Updated: 11/24/2014 15:46
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We are pleased to deliver the interview with Alex, the "new" admin of Erachange exchanger, who manages the service since the beginning of the year 2014. The service of Erachange has been updated after the new team started to work with it providing exchange services to the investors online. And it achieved certain success with that. Read more in the interview below.

Dear subscribers and readers!
We are pleased to deliver the interview with Alex, the "new" admin of Erachange exchanger, who manages the service since the beginning of the year 2014. The service of Erachange has been updated after the new team started to work with it providing exchange services to the investors online. And it achieved certain success with that.

Reading through the interview you will learn about the history of EraChange, its performance within last year and the plans for the future. Along with that the interview with Alex provides useful and interesting information about the terms of the affiliate program, ways to complete exchanges and types of payment systems available for exchange. All in all, the interview with the admin of this popular online exchanger will be useful to read for those involved in currency exchange business to lean about the verification rules and other terms applied at

1) Hello! Please introduce yourself to the readers of

My name is Alex and I have been the "new" admin of since 11 Feb 2014.

2) The new stage for EraChange has begun. Can you tell me when was it launched and was it actually the date you started the exchange business officially?

EraChange as a business was originally started in 2006 but never really got off the ground due to the owner not putting enough effort, energy and advertising in this business. Since Feb 2014 I started managing EraChange and I am doing my best to provide the users with high quality and low cost exchange services.

3) Is EraChange a legally registered company? Is there a physical address, where your customers are able to see you?

As a part of this "re-launch" we have registered the company in Seychelles, and I am currently waiting for the paperwork. At this time, same as with most online businesses, there is no physical address through which customers are able to contact us. All business deals and support is conducted online.

4) How about the team of EraChange, how many people work for the company? What are their positions?

Currently three people are involved: me – as the main administrator, Zack – co-administrator, Joshua – customer support manager.

5) Is there any reason for choosing the name EraChange for your project?

EraChange has been the name of this project since 2006 and we thought it would be easier to "relaunch" an already existing company by blowing some fresh air into it than to start a whole new website.

6) Can you tell us more about the ways used by the clients to get in touch with you?

Registered members can get in touch with us through either our support system (tickets) or through Skype (ID erachange). Non-members can use our support system as well and these queries are being redirected to our support email
From now on you can also find us on these social networks:

7) How about your offer, which e-currencies you're currently working with? Do you support all exchange directions like buying and selling between them?

Currently we support EgoPay, Perfect Money, OkPay, SolidTrust Pay, Payza and Sensipay. Exchanging, selling and buying any of these can be done in the member area. Selling is currently only possible through the bank wire. We also are planning to add PexPay, Paxum, PayPal, WebMoney and more. Currently there are some big plans for the future.

8) Are the any special terms for cooperation with any payment processors? Is EraChange considered to be and approved and recommended exchanger for any of e-currencies online?

EraChange is an authorized exchanger at Payza, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay and OKPAY:

Payza -


EgoPaY -

SolidTrust Pay -

9) Do you have any affiliate program? What are the terms? How are affiliates being paid?

We have a 3-tier affiliate program: first level is 10% and 2nd + 3rd levels are both 5% from the fees of exchanges placed by your referrals.

10) Is there any verification requirement for some exchange direction?

We currently have email and phone verification available for our members although this isn't obligatory at the moment. For BUYING orders however, we are considering ID verification for wires of larger amounts. Also all orders from SolidTrustPay need to be verified with at least 2 out of 3 requirements: ID, address proof or bank statement.

11) How long does it usually take for an exchange transaction to be completed? Do you work 24h/business days or at the weekends?

We work European time I-IV 8:00-17:00; V 8:00-17:00 UTC+2. We also work on weekends. All orders from OkPay and Perfect Money are paid out within 24 hours or even faster depending on how busy the admin is. Payza, SolidTrust Pay, EgoPay are only paid out when these transactions are approved by their own verification teams.

EgoPay - EgoPay transactions require the approval of the EgoPay system's security service. The whole process may take from several minutes to two days. We would also would like to remind you that EgoPay does not support customers based in United States so before making an order to EgoPay please make sure that the account is not registered in US or that the last logins are not from US either as this may prolong transaction's approval or return.

Payza - All orders from Payza are first checked by Payza team and order completion can take up to 24-96h. If the waiting times are unacceptable please contact our support and we will issue a refund. We do not recommend funding your Payza account by the means of a credit card as this is the most common reason for either a delay or transaction's return. We recommend funding your account by one of these methods:
Bank Wire
Local bank transfer

SolidTrustPay - Orders from SolidTrustPay can only be submitted by verified STP users of at least Standard Verified level. Verification in EraChange is also required. All orders from STP are first checked by STP team and can be delayed up to 3 business days not including weekends or any holidays. Also Two Factor Authentication must be enable at SolidTrust Pay.

Bank wire - your EraChange account must be verified! Bank wire can be delayed up to 2-5 days.

12) Tell us why users should choose your company for their e-currency exchange needs. What advantages can you offer to the potential clients compared to your competitors?

As I already mentioned our top priority is to provide highest quality service for the lowest possible price among other exchangers. Customer comes first.

13) What are your plans for the near future ? How can you see the role of EraChange in E-currency Exchange Market?

To grow, expand an advance. As you can see we have already reached some good results by adding new e-currencies and being official exchanger at Payza, EgoPay, OkPay and Solid Trust Pay.

14) Do you have anything else concerning the performance of EraChange, worth saying to our readers?

If you are looking for a safe and smooth way to exchange your e-currency, make yourselves familiar with Erachange. Also, as an incentive and a favor to your readers we will give them an extra 15% discount for any exchange they may make within 1 week after the interview has been sent out. In order for your readers to profit from this offer they will have to enter a coupon code HYIPNEWSDISC15 in the coupon code box when placing a new exchange order. Most of the time we have special discounts for our members and also regular clients are being rewarded with lifetime discounts.

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