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Recently a registered Panamanian company, PanaMoney Technologies, Inc has introduced its services to public. PanaMoney offers its clients to open

Recently a registered Panamanian company, PanaMoney Technologies, Inc., has introduced its services to public. PanaMoney offers its clients to open managed Forex accounts and invest in Forex. The company has developed its own unique trading system combining the advantages of automated Forex trading with all relevant math analysis calculations and trading strategies which had been tested by company?s professionals for many years.

But it is its transparency that makes this company cut above the rest. Once registered, every client gets an exclusive opportunity to watch PanaMoney Forex trading sessions in real time: price dynamics of every of the four currency pairs the company trades with and company?s gains and losses at the course of daily trades. At the end of the trading day the final outcome of the trading session can be found in Trading History, where all company?s profits for every trading day are open to its clients.

The company?s original features in managed Forex trading also include the possibility of the client to choose the currency pair to trade. As client?s profit depends on amount of his/her investment and the result of company?s trades, it is the client decision what currency pair the investment will be traded with allowing gaining more in one currency than in another. There is also an outstanding option for reinvesting or increasing the invested amount. It is the combining of current several investment plans into one. The company allows no compounding but the daily profits can be accumulated on the client?s account and invested into a new investment plan that can further be combined with the initial investment for bigger profits. These two features give investors freedom in making trading decisions and developing their own investment strategies.

PanaMoney?s website is as well unique in its professionalism, easy-to-use client interface and client-oriented approach. In particular, the company?s Customer Support and management can be contacted by e-mail, contact form on the website, live chat or by submitting tickets directly from the client?s account.

In this way, PanaMoney sets a new standard for managed Forex companies to open up their profits, show the course of trading to their investors and allow them to take investment decisions that can influence their gains.

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