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What a great day it is today, dont you think zodiacads turns 5 years old today and many years will be ahead of us all whooohoooo My life would

What a great day it is today, don't you think? zodiac-ads turns 5 years old today and many years will be ahead of us all whooohoooo!! "My life would suck without you" sings Kelly Clarkson and she's damn right. This birthday wouldn't be possible without all my wonderful supporting members - thank you so much for your hard work in the past years!!! I can still remember when my wonderful friend Sheri told me 4 years ago she has to give up that site because she hasn't the time anymore to take care of it. I didn't thought of having my own PTR at this time and it wasn't too longe since my stomach ulcer but I didn't want to see that site vanish so I told her to take it over, lol. I had some experience with the script from being a helper at LadyMadonnasMails, but I didn't care about run a PTR myself before, lol. I couldn't sleep the night I took the site over, nut with the great help and support of my zodiac-girls Sheri, Paulette and Madonna this site became what it is today - and of course with you, the member! :)

I won't waste your time with a long speech no one wants to hear, but I wanna say THANK YOU to my members and a special thank you to my great friends Sheri, Paulette and my adopted sister Madonna. *HUGGLE* to all of you! You took my hand and helped me find my way! :)

Okay, I have a lot of other things to tell so please read carefully to not miss anything of the exciting news! :)

In my Admin Mail on Tuesday I gave you all the chance for a free ad by telling me how old zodiac will turn today. 2 participant and one winner were the result - kathy77 won a free ad, that will go out later today :)

The first big news is a multi site scavenger hunt! I invited all Program Owner and 7 owner with 14 sites followed this invention and donated great prices :) Unscramble words, send them to the email address of the site you found the word at and maybe get the price at the end of the contest. If you found all words send them to me and hope it will be you Patricia that wins the grand price here at zodiac-ads! All detailed infos and the list with all participating sites can be found here: http://www.zodiac-ads.com/pages/birthday.php

Another contest starting today is the Caught You-Contest. Not only you get 1 Cent get caught promoting zodiac-ads on other PTR Sites, now you get the change of $1 extra! The more you promote zodiac-ads the higher the chance of some refs joining under you and the higher the chance someone see this advertising, tell me and make you and the finder earn 1 Cent. The member with the most caught ads on other site will get $1 in his/her zodiac-account! And remember we still have our Ref Contest going on so promoting this site might make you win both contests ;) That's cool, isn't it? ;)

We will have a lot of contests in our Forum, if you're not yet a member there it's a great time to do. It's free, fast and all you need is a valid email address. It's a great place talk with other, post your recipes, or share your experiences with other PTR program. And if you're a webmaster of any Non-Commercial site, you can introduce it in the forum and get more visitors ;) Be part of the community!

And that still isn't enough :D All Upgrades comes with a 20% discount, all advertising offeres are 15% cheaper! And the best: the prices stay the whole April that low!! PLUS I have added a new 4 level membership for those who just want free refs without any monthly advertising. Each level costs $2, the first level comes with your referral link rotated 2 times per rotation, the highest level is 8 times per rotation! This means: everytime someone signs without a reflink your name appears 2x in the rotation list when the script randomly pick an upgraded member to give him/her that new member in the downline. With the highest level your name appears 8x in the rotation list. This upgrade is available for everyone who isn't an upgraded member yet.

Last but not least it's time to win another free ad when you know what thing I mean ;) It's sweet and has a number of candles on it. Send your answer to [email protected] until Sunday 5th April 23:59 E.S.T. along with your username and "Birthday" in the subject line, okay? The winner will be announced on Monday!

I hope I haven't forget anything but I don't think (As if blondes could think, lol.). Have a great remaining day and may the power of the stars be with you

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