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Today we decided to review one of the most promising and goodlooking programs recently appeared on HYIP market. Its called Optimum Pride ...

Today we decided to review one of the most promising and good-looking programs recently appeared on HYIP market. Its called Optimum Pride (optimumpride.com) and it really has something to be proud of. If you visit the programs website you will see a short video describing the project on the front page. The video looks very professional and suggest Optimum Pride takes its work very seriously.

Optimum Pride is considered to be long-term investment project, yet they have something to offer to those investors who prefer small deposits and quick returns. The program has wide choice of investment plans, as much as 6, and they are as follows:

Starter Plan which mostly suits the new comers or those who want to test the program. The minimum investment here makes $20, maximum - $99 and this plan offers 0.4% daily for 15 days period. All payments are processed on the business days only and the principal returned to you on the term expiration, and this concerns all the plans.

The second Standard Plan can be joined with $100 - $4,999 and it pays 0.6% daily for 180 days (36 weeks). The profit earned with this plan is 108%.

The minimum and maximum amounts in the third plan called Advanced Plan are $5000 - $29,999. This plan is yet not affordable for most of the investors, but those who would invest will get 0.8% daily for 180 days. The profit earned with this plan is 144%.

The next 3 plans are way beyond 99% of investors capabilities yet they should also be mentioned.

The Professional Plan is for those who can afford investing $30,000 minimum. This plan offers 1% interest per business day for 180 business days.

Investments to the Ultimate Plan start at $100,000 and offer 1.2% interest per day for 180 business days.

And finally The VIP Plan for a few lucky dogs who have extra $500,000 to invest. They are offered 1.5% per business day for 180 business days.

Optimum Pride referral system is not less interesting. It has 4 levels offering 2% at first level and 1% with rest of the 3 levels.

As to payment processors offered the choice is not so wide yet they have the most popular payment systems Liberty Reserve and PerfectMoney, so I dont think that can cause any inconveniences. All payments are made manually so dont forget to request them. You may have to wait up to 48 hours for the payment to be processed, yet currently that process takes much less time.

Optimum Pride is stated to be officially registered in United Kingdom. You can view their Certificate of Incorporation placed on the front page of the site. The Certificate looks like a real one, though the company can be considered as legal and trustworthy only after some period of decent and hard work.

As to technical part of the programs work Optimum Pride is run by the latest version of the Neversay script which has really good secure reputation among HYIPs. 256 bit SSL encryption from Comodo, hosting is provided by Koddos who have OptimumPride on a dedicated Staminus server. Optimum Pride has really attractive and professional designed website, it is easy to navigate and understand.

You can reach the programs administration via support form or Live Chat service. Optimum Pride is already well recognized as it has been presented on some well known blogs and monitors for its promotion. All current and potential investors can also be in touch with the program by visiting such social network sites like Facebook and Twitter.

This is all for the moment, more about this interesting and seriously looking project can be found in HYIPNews.com exclusive interview with Optimum Pride which is to be published soon. So stay tuned.

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