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Recently, you have had a chance to find out about success of EthanolB in our news Ethanolb Completes First Round as it was informed

Recently, you have had a chance to find out about success of EthanolB ( in our news: Ethanolb Completes First Round

It was informed that this project had brought a pure profit to its investors. As I have already mentioned, this stage of project's development is very important. And it is important not only for the development of HYIP, but also for investors because everything in HYIP world is done for the sake of being among the first. Among those who started receiving pure profit.

And now there are such investors in Global Trade Managers ( project. It was announced by the administrator of GTM yesterday, despite the celebration of Labor Day.

So, first of all, he thanked everyone for enormous support which has been shown during a month of operating. As it is informed in the newsletter, this month was quite busy and successful. The team of GTM tries to process all withdrawals as fast as possible and assures that they will keep doing all their best to serve you well and to bring you more profit in future. And of course, they congratulate those investors who are in profit now and they are those who joined the program on the first day.

Well, if you are not among those people, we hope you will be soon. You can invest in one of the offered plans. And they are:

  • Basic Plan: 3.5% daily for 40 days (min.$20-max.$5,000)
  • Standard Plan: 3% daily for 60 days (min.$50-max.$12,000)
  • Advanced Plan: 155% after 40 days (pays on expiry) with min.$20-max.$7,000
  • Premium Plan: 201% after 60 days (pays on expiry) with min.$50-max.$15,000

Principle is included in all plans. We would like to here your thoughts on Global Trade Managers on our forum. So, feel free to discuss it and to share your opinion with others.

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