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Most exchanges and banks in the world are closed on December 24 and 31 or they work half a day

Most exchanges and banks in the world are closed on December 24 and 31 or they work half a day. For example, NYSE-Euronex, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, The New York Stock Exchange also will not work on January 3, 2011. Consequently, public holidays which HYIPs may refer to are the following: December 24, 31 and January 3. Since many HYIPs have legends that they are involved in real markets, they can officially refer to the holidays in real markets and do not pay profit on these days. Some administrators have already officially announced their schedules. Some of them planned not to stop paying even during the holidays because they have accumulated funds during the time of their operating.

So far we have informed you about the holiday schedules of (here) (here) and (here) has also published a schedule for holidays. It is informed that the team of the program had been trying to make the best possible payout schedule with minimum non-trading days. Interest payments will be accrued on all working days except December 30, 31 and January 3.

Another payouts schedule has been released by There were no payments yesterday on December 23 and there will be no interest on December 27. will pay as usual (7 days a week) but live chat and phone support will be unavailable from December 31 to January 2. we will not add any interests from December 23 (The Emperor's Birthday) through January 9. All payouts and other operations will be available. will not operate on December 24, 27, 28, 31 and January 1. And accordingly, interest will not be added on those days. (it is also informed that the term of deposits has been extended for 30 days and therefore you will get an opportunity to increase your earnings). announced December 24, 31 and January 3 non-working days. Deposits and withdrawal requests will be processed as usual even on holidays and weekends. informs: We have Official market holidays from December 24, 2010 till January 2, 2011 due to a low market activity on the markets and Christmas and New Year' s holidays.

FxCambier has informed us that there will be no changes in payout schedule but there will be 1-2 hour delays in service.

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