Updated: 05/18/2011 17:34
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Today we have some news from a project that has joined us today. It is called LucrativaFund ( and was launched on May 12. Even...

Today we have some news from a project that has joined us today. It is called LucrativaFund ( and was launched on May 12. Even though it has been online for just six days, the admin of the program has already posted three big updates with information for investors. In the first one he introduces himself, his name is Richard Brighton and briefly tells about the project: “Lucrativa Fund is a world-class group that invests in viable and profitable entities such as real estate, building, stock market, offshore banks. Its prudent use of capital and sound management skills enables Lucrativa Fund to establish, acquire, or strategically participate in successful corporate ventures throughout the world.”

In the second update called Press Release #1 Richard informs that the support department at LucrativaFund is multilingual and your questions can be answered in Danish, English, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages. He also reports on deals that have been already made: “Elizion Real estate gave us very good opportunity to rent out five houses that will help us generate income. We also get our monthly income from Barclays Bank Cayman. This week is no much funds were generated on stock market. But we increased our income from other activities.”

And the next announcement is regarding a bonus program at LucrativaFund. You can make money by posting payment proofs and voting on monitors every time you get paid. Get $3 by posting 10 payment proofs on different top HYIP forums and get $3 by voting on top 10 HYIP monitors which you like. By the way, the minimum amount deposit has been reduced to $5 in 5 days plan (that offers 110%-120% after 5 days), to $7 in 10 days plan (120%-140% after 10 days) and to $10 in 20 daily plan (7%-8% for 20 days with principal included). That will give everyone a chance to join LucrativaFund. You can make a deposit via AlertPay, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

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