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Here you will find all new programs appeared this week. All of them are different and you will see that it's not easy to chose. Anyway, do not forget that this is not an advertising, it's a simple statistics for you know HYIP market better.

  • Liberty Financial (liberty-financial.net) 11% daily or 110% after 1 day!
  • Hot Hourly (hothourly.com) 1.5% hourly
  • Allah Gold (allah-gold.com) 104-133% after 1 day or 113-213% after 3 days!
  • Powerful Strategy (Presentation)
  • Growing Forex (growingforex.com) 106-122% after 1 day or 114-145% after 2 days
  • Inplado Finance (inpladofinance.com) 105-115% after 1 day or 117-150% after 3 days!
  • Pharma Finance (Presentation)
  • Stradox (stradox.com) 2-10% daily!
  • Premium Invest Pro (premiuminvestpro.com) 105-125% after 1 day or 135-180% after 5 days!
  • Vasta Orkland Fund (vasofund.com) 103-115% after 1 day or 120-180% after 5 days!
  • Ideas Profit (ideas-profit.com) 104% after 1 day or 132% after 7 days!
  • RareEarth GroupInvest (Presentation)

WISP (wispco.com) - not paying
Alpha-FX-Services (alpha-fx-services.com) - not paying
Lion Funds Inc (lionfunds.net) - not paying
WABFunds (WABFunds.com) - stopped paying, be careful
Fxsure (fxsure.com) - not paying
RFT Climb Ltd (rftclimb.com) - not paying
Gain Masters (gainmasters.com) - not paying (agents report, confirmed)
Fund Explore (fundexplore.com) - not paying
BF-Spring (bf-spring.com) - not paying
Pro FX Parthner (profxpartner.com) - not paying

As you can see all these programs are in not paying status. Of course it is a really bad sign but sometimes they are getting back to normal within a few days. Anyway if your program has solved all problems till our next survey - please tell us about it and we will change the information.

Good News.
Frank Funds (frankfunds.biz) and 7 Days Invest (7daysinvest.com) companies are back to normal. It is a really good news because many investors will have good weekends. We are always happy when administrators solving their program issues. We have to respect such attitude to investors!

GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) realised on its website a new support system. Support Center contains now not only the powerful FAQ system, but also has widen customer support with trained staff.
GulfReserve (gulfreserve.com) also expanded the support service and now you can ask any question to the administration by e-mail or live-chat. It can be done in Russian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch and English of course.

GameWin (gamewin.biz) starting from from May 30 till June 6 is planning to test the accounts of registered users. It will be done to remove all duplicated accounts, and those who violating the rules of referral system.
Nanoenergyproject (nanoenergyproject.com) has decided to follow the popular trend and made the exchange of e-currencies available to clients. Now exchange of LibertyReserve to PerfectMoney can done be in the comfort of your own account.
Flodian (flodian.com) has celebrated a month of its work.

Agents Reports.
We continue to publish reports of our agents. As you already know, the audience of HYIPNews.com consists of more than 1500 people a day. Most of these investors are professional market participants who are used to collect and analyze information of its investment work. Signals that we collect and distribute are unique information of HYIP Industry. That is why, we urge everyone to join our movement and share the information. HYIPNews is worth of being called the newspaper – we are the resource that professionally engaged in full-fledged information-analytical work.

For example, fondosmayores.net. This is a very old program that worked well and generally has a strong market position. And if you check its monitoring, the status is positive. Written PAYING. However program's website is... unavailable. We have received several messages from our agents, which can be simply checked. Yes, site is dead.

If this is not a problem, then what? Perhaps, the administrator send out some sort of notification or something else. If you have any information, please send it to us. This project has great audience and if they have serious problems, then perhaps it is time to warn about the danger.

cm-investment.com is another example. This morning status on the monitoring sites was PAYING. Site of the program is working as if nothing had happened. Fortunately, the monitoring sites have already changed the status to negative. However, we were told about problems with payments on Wednesday, after the release of our previous informational review.

We will work to improve the speed, information content and depth of the information elaboration, but you, the investors - is the main driving force behind such changes. Comment, inform and invest thoughtfully.

Money Increment (176 days), Extra Finances (16 days), Trust Earn (14 days), IZ Capital (11 days), Max And Safe (10 days), Varo Investment (9 days), The Perfect Plan (9 days), Earn-Gold2u (144 days), Interest Company (10 days), Fx Atomic Finance (7 days)

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