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As promised in the latest newsletter from ExpertPortfolio (read here ) a new market research has been published by the Research & Consulting...

As promised in the latest newsletter from ExpertPortfolio (read here) a new market research has been published by the Research & Consulting Department of the program and is called Emerging Markets Investment Trends 2012. They inform that due to rapid growth and industrialization of the countries that are considered to be emerging markets, they may be of interest of potential investors. So, as you can see, the team of ExpertPortfolio analyzes different possibilities for making money and each plan you make a deposit in invests in different markets (that can be seen on the page with project's investment portfolios). They continue:

All in all the niche of emerging markets is considered to be one of the most perspective ones in the year 2012, which accordingly led to adding Such emerging markets ETFs as Vectors Indonesia ETF (NYSE: IDX), iShares MSCI Indonesia Investable Market Index Fund (NYSE: EIDO) and iShares MSCI Philippines Index Fund (NYSE: EPHE) to the list of active ETFs, where ExpertPortfolio is involved, for diversification means and successful investment portfolios management.

More information on the recent research can be found on the website: Emerging Markets Investments Trends 2012. The short version of the research is available to everyone and the uncut version is only available for download for subscribers, who fill out the Subscribe form on the Market Researches page. All registered members can also download the PDF version with the uncut research by following the link, which is available in the member area of Apart from that the newsletter with the link to a full version has been sent out to all registered members of ExpertPortfolio. More researches will be made soon, so stay tuned.

P.S. Our Presentation of this project is available here.

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