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Openings. Welcome, dear readers! It's another Friday and another release of the regular regular HYIP Informational Survey by HYIPNews.com, where you can find the latest events on HYIP arena. Here you can learn about new openings of the current week. In the HYIP Informational Survey you can get to know of the problem programs, which are not recommended for investing. In case any new things are happening on a HYIP Forum or HYIP Blog, HYIPNews.com is proudly offering the short review of these updates in the HYIP Informational Survey.

Web Finance LTD.
2.5% daily for 120 days!
Diamond Safety LTD. (diamond-safety.biz) 3-12% daily for 15-30 days!

NanoEarn, Armada Traders, Wise Investment (wiseinvestment.biz), Max Pay Zone (maxpayzone.com), Zenith Profits (zenithprofit.com), World Class Investment (worldclassinvestment.com), SafetyDollars (safetydollars.com), Rockferry Fund (rockferryfund.com), Black-Profit (black-profit.com), Well Earn Money (wellearnmoney.com), Kings Funds (kingsfunds.com), Pro Traders (protraders.org), AKFunds (akfunds.com).

There are not many new opportunities today. The list is not large at all, indeed. Even though, there are still some sites, worth to look at. Naturally, some of them may look better, some - worse. We are doing our best to help you with sorting out the HYIPs for you. As always the most interesting, maybe the unique ones, maybe the ones with the original script or not a trivial investment package are presented to you on top of the list with the detailed description. As for the rest, there may be some that may be good, though the chance to earn with them for longtime investment is minimum. Remember, you can always ask for our advice, contacting the HYIPNews.com support team.

Enzex Finance - not paying
10 Years Online - not paying
Venture Capital Express - not paying
Lifetime-Profits - not paying
Steel-Investment - not paying
Top Cash Tanker - not paying
Top Inv - not paying
China Gold Company - not paying
HX Invest - site offline
Liberty Reserve Trade - not paying
Elegant Fund - not paying
GeoTrades Inc - not paying
Perfect Money Funds - not paying

As you can see the list above is numerous like it always it actually. New additions to this listing has become some sort of sad tradition every release of the HYIP Informational Survey. Please don't get trapped. The programs above are NOT recommended for investing. The team of HYIPNews.com recommends all active investors of the HYIPs, given above, trying to contact the admins as soon as possible, and if possible to take the funds out of these HYIPs. Wish you luck with that, in case you fail, not to let other investors be scammed, notify of your bad experience on forums and monitoring sites. It will stop others from investing to Problem HYIPs. All new investors, don't invest to the HYIPs, mentioned above.

Events. CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) is giving a road open to all applicants for the position of regional representative. As in formed in the newsletter, the regional representatives of CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) are supposed to get mulitple benefits such as: "Directly personal contact with CrownEarnInvestgroup. Get influences on the future planning Get your own private page on our server Get your own personal email address Be displayed on our contact page."
And also regional representatives of CrownEarnInvestgroup (crown-earn-investgroup.com) are getting bonuses for referral activity: "+5% on top for every $100 referral commission earned. o +5% on top for every $1000 referral commission earned."

AVIFinance (avifinance.com) has issued the newsletter recently. The news within seem to be too tough even for the HYIP industry. The admin is saying: "On the 2012-02-15 We AVIFinance ltd held a charity auction to benefit the fund of saving sick children,. All the proceeds, 12,350 USD were specificly sent to the needy children."
Who can ever trust that? If it's a marketing tool, well it's a dirty one, we should say... i personally can hardly believe a HYIP admin would donate such amount to anyone. Every experienced investor knows that, anyway using sick kids as a marketing tool is disgusting. Sorry for being rude, anyway it's just a heart-cry.

PXSense (pxsense.net) has updated the FAQ page. Right now it gives answers to most commonly asked questions and being updated can help a lot to many of those, interested in investing to PXSense (pxsense.net).

PokerPamm (Pokerpamm.com) has introduced the instant payments. Good update for fast cash lovers. Good luck with that one.

FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com) has enabled the Video Tutorials section. The information on how to open or manage the FxPulsePro (fxpulsepro.com) can be taken from the video tutorials online.

GrandInvestFund (grandinvestfund.com) has enabled the new option for depositing funds. From now depositing with Alfa Bank account is possible. Minimum deposit amount is 10000 RUB. The minimum term for money processing is 5 business days. When interested you are advised to contact the support service of GrandInvestFund (grandinvestfund.com) for the credentials.

Good News. Not every monitor has updated the status of Phedge Fund (phedgefund.com), however, the majority has already assigned them with the Paying status, which could obviously mean this HYIP is probably returned from the Problems. Let's watch it closer so far, before anyone is about to invest. The situation with SkyEarn (skyearn.com) is nearly the same - all in all there are only 2 programs that managed to get back from Problems section and hence we are pleased to mention them in the Good News section of today's Informational Survey. Good luck to every admin and investors.gents Reports and Readers Questions.

Closures. Glocom (678 days), Swaia (497 days), Gold Fund (609 days), Lenovest (113 days), Income Int (38 days), Berkadia Commercial Llc (10 days), Offshore Private Placment (179 days), ExpertEarn (18 days), Profits Leader (16 days), VipProfit (8 days), Milliontra Enterprises (62 days), Gibraltar Financial Group (84 days), B Investment (120 days), Worldwide Capital (147 days).

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the admin of the Private HYIP blog has posted the new review of the new HYIP added to his investment portfolio. Besides he gives his idea on why actually he is running this blog. Short points which can tell a lot actually about the nature of the author. Read the full post here: http://hyip-blog-investment-monitor.com/2012/02/15/vasco-forex-investment-review/

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